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What’s In My Carry On Bag

When I travel, especially for short trips that involves the outdoors or beaches, I prefer having my things in a backpack instead of a luggage. It’s convenient, the size perfect as a carry-on baggage and I can have access to it whenever I want.

Last week I went to Cebu for 5 days and decided I would only need a backpack.

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My Career Path Story & FutureYou.Ph

One of the biggest issues of this generation is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. We’re the generation that somehow gets the privilege to pick the careers we want, with non-traditional careers becoming more and more “acceptable” at this day and age, technology is constantly progressing, and so the world keeps expanding —

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

I’m not a very tech-y person. I need to stress this fact because I don’t want you to think this post is going to be a detailed review of all the technical specs of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2. That’s simply not how I roll. No, sir. This review is coming from someone who appreciates modern technology for all its wondrous abilities, for what it lacks based on my needs as a user and all that jazz.

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