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My French Skincare Haul

My two month stay in France was more than just a cultural exchange on my end. I took it as a chance to learn about the French way of life, and that included studying how effortlessly beautiful French women are and how they achieve it, and applying the things I've learned into my lifestyle as well. Honestly, I don't remember a time I ever came across a French woman with bad skin.

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2015 in Travels

This photo project is special to me because my dream travels in 2015 were achieved out of my own hard work... And I'm fucking proud of that. I wasn't at first, because I listened to the negative people who spewed their bitterness at me, saying I didn't even really work for anything at all. But I did. For years I worked and now I've reaped what I've sown and it's a sweet, sweet feeling.

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Exploring: Bern, Switzerland

When Gab and I were planning our Eurotrip, we knew first hand that we didn't want to miss visiting Switzerland, with one goal in mind: visiting the Swiss Alps. Bern, the capital of Switzerland (not Zurich!) is a UNESCO world heritage site due to sandstone houses, narrow streets, and beautiful fountains, all well preserved dating back to medieval times...

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