Why I Switched from Windows to a Mac

I grew up being a Windows kind of girl. Aside from the fact that it was the OS I was most exposed to, it also helped the fact that every time I was faced with a Mac computer, I would end up feeling like a fish out of water. It looked intimidating and a few minutes working my way around the operating system left me baffled at how people actually prefer this over Windows. As I got more and more exposed to Windows usage, troubleshooting, working ways around the never ending problems I came across on Windows (viruses, updates, crashes, hangups, program errors, device errors, etc) it got to the point where I was left wondering, "Should it really be THIS complicated?!" I loved Windows, but now that I've experienced the Mac, I found myself to be a convert. I switched from an Acer Aspire laptop that's 4 years old. The reason I upgraded was because working on my Acer was starting to prove to be a huge burden. It was too heavy to bring anywhere especially when traveling, the battery broke within 9 months after purchase so I can't work remotely without the charger, the system slows down, system crashes, etc. It was starting to become a huge hassle working on that thing. So when I knew Power Mac Center would hold promos wherein you could avail of installment plans, I decided to weigh out my pros and cons of investing, interviewed Mac users, and then decided it was a deal too good to pass up. It's the biggest purchase I've ever made with my own money, so it's a really huge achievement and I'm glad that my investment hasn't failed me!

I'm no techie by all means. I don't want a Windows vs Mac war to start, this post is based solely on my experience with various Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8) in the past 13 years as a ~normal~ person--normal meaning I have knowledge on computers but not as far as how tech geeks know computers. So without further ado here's

Why I Switched From Windows to a Mac:


I'm going to keep this real. Apple products are gorgeous, sleek, sexy, well designed -- this alone, I think, makes up for at least 30% of the reason Apple products ARE expensive. I do find MacBooks pretty to look at. I like beautiful packaging, so a big part of the reason I wanted a MacBook was because it was aesthetically pleasing to me, to others, and they're photogenic as fuck. As someone who appreciates good visuals and producing good visuals (for the blog, Instagram, etc), I found that the MacBook already won 50% of my decision to invest in one in the first place. It also screamed "PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE PERSON" for some reason. So call me shallow but if I'm spending my hard earned cash on a product, I at least want it to look sexy as heck!


Oh man, where do I begin? Here's a few of my favorite features that aren't available on Windows, although I'm sure I can go on and on.

  1. I love that the trackpad can switch from app to app, make my notifications slide into the side of the screen, launch apps, scroll down/up, go back/forward -- I know some Windows laptops do this but they're not sleek at all. They can never get it the way Mac has always perfected it.
  2. Airdrop is a godsent. I can send files to my Mac from my iPhone and vice-versa. No more dropbox, not more relying on WiFi. You my be thinking, "Windows has bluetooth too" but ah, my friend, Bluetooth works 1/10 of the time. I hate bluetooth. Airdrop may have the same concept but they work beautifully and it never makes me want to tear my hair out.
  3. No muss no fuss, files are easily accessible with less clutter, installing programs is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and uninstalling them is even easier with apps like AppCleaner which deletes everything from the program so you're not left with unnecessary folders hidden in random places. Windows never mastered the art of uninstalling things properly. I can uninstall programs but still have various folders in the nooks and crannies of my laptop with weird names. Why, Windows, why?
  4. Keyboard shortcuts. I havent mastered them all but I love how I can just press two buttons (cmd + spacebar) to bring up my search bar, or I can press 3 buttons (cmd + shift + 4) to take a screencap of anything I want. Windows requires you to open up a program to do that.

Ease of use.

It took me at least 3 days to finally get used to the MacBook and forget the muscle memory I had of using a Windows laptop. I used to think people were exaggerating when they said the Mac is the easiest OS to use. It's user friendly, it's uncomplicated, any idiot can use it. I never opened my mind to this until I owned my MacBook and now I have to set the record straight, if you trust me and my word, let me tell you that these people are absolutely right. I had a lot of patience using Windows and dealing with all all its kinks, so imagine how much fun I'm having dealing with a Mac.

The day I bought it, all I had to do was download some necessary apps to go along with the Mac user experience. Windows is/was never like that. You start up your Windows laptop, you install a few things, they even make you BUY Microsoft Office (or you get a 1 year free trial then you eventually would have to buy it?), there's already pre-installed third party apps that you don't need (Norton Anti-Virus anyone?), just when you think everything is up and running, suddenly something goes wrong and it turns out you still HAVE to update your Windows for bugs so that takes another few hours. Oh god, just thinking about it is making my eye twitch. The MacBook was pretty much ready to go and that's why I absolutely love it.

If you ever do find yourself in a dilemma on whether you should switch to a Mac or not, just think about your needs in a laptop. If there's a Windows laptop out there that can meet your needs then go for it. I've seen some laptops from brands like Toshiba that have great features too! There's always new products in the market that try to compete with other computer brands out there so I think it's best to really figure out which laptop is best for you. MacBooks are quite expensive, but worth the investment if your line of work is like mine where you rely heavily on a computer and its features. :)

I'm a convert. I never thought I'd see the day I would actually move over to the Mac side. I don't know how I ever had that much patience dealing with Windows for so long but I'm glad I finally switched. Now I understand why there are hardcore Apple/Mac believers out there and their support for the brand isn't just a hype, it's deserved.