What’s In My Carry On Bag

When I travel, especially for short trips that involves the outdoors or beaches, I prefer having my things in a backpack instead of a luggage. It’s convenient, the size perfect as a carry-on baggage and I can have access to it whenever I want.

Last week I went to Cebu for 5 days and decided I would only need a backpack. One of the things I try to avoid the most when taking flights is checking-in my stuff because I hate having to wait for my baggage at the carousels, which sometimes can cause me precious time or worse anxiety over lost baggage. I find it extremely convenient to have my stuff with me the moment I disembark, and I can move along to get to my destination quicker.

What I like about Cabin Zero:

1. Size. It’s designed to be accepted as carry-on baggage for all major airlines, so I can be assured that I’ll have zero problems taking them on board with me. On my Eurotrip with Gab, we both brought backpacks with us (not Cabin Zero, but a different brand) and we had troubles with Gab’s bag because they claimed it was too large to be carried on. In the end we had to have it checked in, which was a bit of a hassle considering upon landing in London, we needed to quickly connect with our transit to Paris.

2. Comfortable. I had no problems with carrying it on my back majority of the time, the padded straps made it comfortable, and when I didnt want to carry it on my back, it had handles at the top and on the side, so I could carry it like a suitcase if I pleased.

3. Tracker. My favourite feature has to be the built-in lost and found tags, which ensures you that your bag is trackable in the event it gets lost or stolen, and the system is even linked directly into the airline’s own baggage tracing system. As soon as you buy your own Cabin Zero bag, just make sure to register the tag online with okoban.com and you’re set. Your bag will then have lifetime protection using this lost and found system.

4. Spacious. I didn’t think I could fit much into a backpack, but I actually was able to bring everything I needed, and more. I was able to pack numerous clothes and even had spare tops and bottoms by the end of my trip.

What’s In My Carry On Bag:

Cabin Zero (1 of 2)

Light tops, shorts, several underwear, swimsuits — this isn't everything. I took these photos after I came home from my trip and already put some in the laundry!

Cabin Zero (2 of 2)

Toiletries (nothing more than 100ml as per airline rules), makeup bag and my hair iron

Cabin Zero (1 of 1)-2

My laptop, cameras, external hard drive and chargers

If you’re wondering, my Cabin Zero bag is specifically the ‘classic’ ultra-light cabin and travel bag in Orange Chill, which features a large 44 litre capacity (!!!) — I read that the inspiration behind the color is Thailand’s Songkran Festival where Thai Buddhist Monks passed the streets in their saffron coloured robes. I personally adore this shade of color.

Cabinzero is available at Cabinzero POP-up store located at Fairview Terraces, Urbanize Store, Rustans, the SM Store, Flight 001, Robinsons Dept. Store, Fashion Rack Terminal 3

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Cabin Zero. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.