What I Wore: On The Edge

I'm glad to be back with another What I Wore post for Wild Spirit! If you remember a few what I wore blog posts ago, I mentioned not wanting to do too much of it in hopes that people will stop associating me with being a fashion blogger. But my personal style is part of my lifestyle, and so the occasional outfit posts for the blog is here to stay -- yay!

Last week, specifically on the 13th of January, all personal errands and work fell on just one day. I was up early in the morning for passport renewal, a quick lunch date with Gab, an event for DMC and then a meeting with Bensimon. I even had another event for L'Oreal but couldn't make it, which was a shame because you all know how much I love makeup. It was for their new 12 hour wear face powder -- but an entirely different blog post for that soon!

Since I recently dyed my hair back to a dark shade, close to my natural hair color which is very dark ash brown, I've finally been able to achieve my desire of looking more edgy and chic in my clothing. Gab was right, me with dark hair spells out mysterious. When I had unnatural colored hair, especially pastel, I looked too cutesy and bubbly which is ironically so unlike me, to be honest.

Imagine if I still had blue, or purple, or pink hair -- it doesn't seem like it would fit my entire look for this outfit, would it? Part of the reason I love my dark hair now is that I feel more freedom with my wardrobe color choices, mixing and matching and no clashing can ever really happen. Black (or just really dark hair) goes with everything! These photos were taken at the Leica Club Manila in Century City Mall. It's a cool gallery to visit if youre into photography. It's not a huge exhibit, though, but still worth checking out as I doubt it'll be around forever!

Anyway, happy hump day to you! I hope everyone is having a great midweek so far. I just received an email confirming a work trip to the island of Balesin next week and I'm so excited! I realized I didn't have a lot of beach wear, and whatever I did have I gave away last year. Eep. I'm definitely not a summer type person, eh? Ironically enough I love the beach, playing in the sand, snorkeling and all that jazz. I just never have the proper clothes for the tropics despite living in an entirely tropical country. Yes, I'm weird. When I shop, I go straight for knits, jumpers, pullovers and in autumn colors too. I think this calls for contacting the women in my life and humbly asking to raid their closets. :P Let's cross our fingers that they say yes.

Talk again soon <3