My Tuesday @ Wildflour

tuesday at wildflour
tuesday at wildflour

It's 11:20 am when I get out of my Uber car and walk towards Wildflour where I'm supposed to meet Aby, a longtime online friend of mine, for the first time; and Bea another longtime online friend of mine who I've met only once back in 2010. I'm the first one there. I give the hostess our reservation name hoping she would quickly usher me to our table because the summer heat was starting to get unbearable. Most days, I find myself cooped up in my bedroom where I don't have to suffer the immense heat outside, making sure I don't step out unless absolutely necessary. The upside is that I mostly work from home anyway. She finally tells me our table is ready, and I follow her steps as I make my way around the maze of chairs and tables full of people already midway through their meals. I'm way early, and they're a little late. Aby texts me updates of where she is and how she'd gotten into accidental cardio walking from her building to Wildflour. I joked that I must be German, on account of me always being too early. Even my agency jokes that I'm too early for events sometimes. It's a rare occasion for me to be late for anything, and if I am, it's probably because I'm in a situation that's beyond my control.


I wait for 20 more minutes, checking my phone, Snapchatting, lunch crowd people watching with my sunglasses on so they can't tell if I'm staring. Aby finally arrives first, and then Bea, and it amazes me how I've known these girls (90% all online interactions) for 5-10 years and it feels like we've been real life friends for longer. Our lunch is filled with shits and giggles, talks about life, work, gossip, Aby refusing to deal with her ~feelings~ and her sudden evolution into becoming a mother, making fun of my requirements as a blogger (I specifically requested a lunch date because the lighting is just better for photos), ordering food based on how photogenic they are, talking about Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender's penises (Bea brought it up) which eventually led to Pete Wentz's penis (Aby brought it up) (ew), the early blogging days, being teenagers obsessed with boy bands, writing fan fiction, One Direction, hard bread, social experiments, etc etc. We ordered mussels with fries, a lasagna dish, and a breakfast meal that consisted of a weird cheesy egg soup-looking thing that came with a side of butter, jam and bread and we still have no idea what it was really about, oh and there was lots & lots of bread. Lots. Almost each meal came with bread. All of this to go along with the numerous topics we covered in two whole hours. Wildflour's food lives up to the hype. The prices are high but they're justifiable by the quality and the serving size. For two people, you can order two dishes (All amounting to Php 700-900) to share and walk out feeling satisfied -- of course, given that you actually eat food servings like a normal human being, that being said if I went on a date with Gab here we'd for sure need another dish just because he eats like a beast. They also have a pastry bar that will make your tooth hurt just by laying your eyes upon all the different varieties of sweet desserts. I love the buzz that happens around the restaurant because of the open floor plan; you can see the kitchen, where they cook and prepare your dishes, and bake the bread. If you stop to notice everything around you, it's actually a very busy establishment, with the waiters walking about to make sure everyone is getting great service, delivering dishes, the lunch crowd all conversing at the same time; but with the right company you won't even notice a thing. This is something that reminds me of what it's like eating at a European restaurant. The ambiance of Wildflour makes it feel like you've teleported to a different city somewhere in Europe; which of course it's always a big plus for me. The interiors and the vibe of the place as a whole makes for a great dining experience.Before we left the establishment, Aby brought us over the the pastry side of the restaurant and got us chocolate chip cookies. As if Aby treating us out to lunch wasn't enough, she just had to get us the chocolate chip cookies she mentioned more than three times over lunch. I haven't actually eaten it yet, because when it comes to trying food like this, I want to be mentally prepared for it. I know, that sounds weird, but sometimes food is so damn good that you just have to stop and be in the moment. That's how I am with good food, and so I'm waiting for the right moment where I have to have the cookie, and when I do, I'll throw it in the toaster and BAM, it's like freshly baked again. Thanks for your generosity, Aby <3

Because my outfit today was pretty much on point, I had asked Bea to take my photo before we went our separate ways. How could I let a good outfit go to waste? I also may or may not own too much striped clothing. I always have and I always will.

I get home by 3:30 PM, and spend the rest of the afternoon live chatting with a few online Twitter followers who were cool and fun enough to hangout and talk to me.

How's your week so far? :)