Things I'm Thankful for in 2016


I think we can all agree that 2016 was one hell of a shit year for the entire world in general. You've got wars and conflicts progressively getting worse, world icons dying left & right, Britain leaving the EU, more terrorism, the war on drugs in the Philippines, Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election, to name a few. But, being the oh-so-positive-I-love-life person that I have always been I like looking at the bright side of life, especially this 2016 -- I know, I know... I might be a sociopath right? Haha This 2016 I'm thankful for...

  1. The opportunity to travel to new places, especially Japan where I had my first snowfall experience.
  2. Being able to work closely with brands I believe in, such as Philippine Airlines. I've worked with them for the recent myPAL Roam campaign where we traveled to Bali to do a video shoot, and our ads have been seen in NAIA 2 and PAL's Mabuhay magazine.
  3. Being invited by Indonesia Tourism Board to travel around Indonesia with other creatives and meeting people from other SEA countries. I got to see Komodo Dragons!!!!
  4. Other work opportunities that not only challenge me to be a little bit more creative, but have given me the chance to do things I haven't before; like shooting a hair tutorial for Sunsilk and it became a YouTube ad!
  5. Meeting new people, but most importantly having the chance to build even deeper relationships with people I've known for a while. You guys know who you are.
  6. Starting new chapters, the kind where I can't even talk about publicly yet.
  7. Pursuing YouTube and having some success with it.
  8. The continuous support I get from my readers/followers. I love you guys.
  9. Taking on challenges that are out of my comfort zone, such as teaching my first Leap Class for DLSU where I talked about traveling. I enjoyed it, but found out that doing long talks aren't really my thing. Haha
  10. Traveling back to my favorite continent Europe, and visiting London, Amsterdam and Paris all over again.
  11. Having enough in life that I was able to share with others in need, especially the less fortunate.
  12. The fact that I still have my loved ones in my life, I'm thankful everyday to have them here with me. One thing that I really felt in 2016 was how life can end any time, and that scares me the most.
  13. The negative moments that have occurred but taught me life lessons and helped me grow.
  14. Getting engaged to my person, Gab, and in Paris no less! ❤️

These are just to name a few amazing things to happen in 2016. I'm grateful to be alive, to be able to experience all life has to offer both good and bad. For 2017, I wish you all a great and safe New Years celebration. May we all enter the new year with hope, love, happiness and continue the rest of the year with grace in our hearts.

What are you most thankful for in 2016? :-)