The Weekend at Lobo, Batangas

My friends and I ended up in Lobo, Batangas again for the weekend. The weather was terrible, on account of it being the storm season. The waves were always too strong to get in the water for some snorkeling, so we mostly spent our days hanging out, swimming in the pool, cooking, and just basically spending time together as friends. I also had the chance to spend some time by myself, to kind of regroup, just be alone with nothing but the morning sun, the sea, the wind, my thoughts -- all while I had Rip Tide by Beirut on repeat. It was honestly one of the best mornings I've had in a while, even though a part of the reason I wanted to be alone was because I was highly emotional about something. But let's not go there. Haha. Hope you guys will enjoy my photo diary from this short trip!


 Gab, my trusty photographer snapped this photo of me just floating in the pool. I got my swimsuit from Romwe for those who might be interested!

From our last morning, I think Gab was talking to me about the water... I don't even remember anymore. Haha

2014-08-02 09.57.10 1

 Dead leaves & a live boy. I'll be the first to admit, this photo is so damn ~hipster~ but I love it. Also, Gab has such nice hands? What the f. My morning alone. I wrote and wrote, listened to music, and would once in a while just let myself be in the moment. I can't even begin to describe how this morning was for me. I had a good cry (you know, when you listen to music and you just have to cry?), and then I just sat there for an hour just feeling the sun touching my back, the wind tousling my hair, watching the waves crash every few seconds, I even went in the water for a while (until I remembered that time I got stung by a jellyfish in Coron so I noped the fuck out of the water in seconds) -- complete serenity the entire time! 10/10 would recommend you guys to experience something like this! I'm so proud that my friends and I are slowly transitioning into actual healthy food. For the first half of our trips, majority of the food was always either processed or fattening. It was a very good lunch!I said we were transitioning, not fully transitioned yet. Who can say no to Liempo anyway? We got one slab each. I finished my entire slab. No regrets. Liempo is king.Barako Coffee beans from the local market. Just looking at this already makes me feel like the air around me smells like coffee. So intoxicating.The breach front of Gab's family's property. I actually prefer rocks over sand, I always find interesting rocks, dead corals and such to collect and display around my place!  Gab just brooding, this was one of those chill moments with friends. We did a lot of sitting around and talking. Instant photos, I should really start investing on instax film for my Instax 210 Wide. I havent taken photos with it in ages.The far end of the beach, where sea snakes apparently frequent. I love this spot but I avoid going here alone lest I get attacked by some creature or slip on the rocks and bash my head unconscious and float away into the sea whilst I bleed and become a shark buffet...


Clearly, I have a very imaginative mind -- but we all know this could happen. lolOur last morning, Gab and Miggey decided to get in the water while the rest of us just watched them. It was freezing, and honestly they just stood there. We weren't missing out on much.Colorful rocks, corals and shells I collected from the shore. Look at all those colors, textures and shapes! I have major heart eyes for these. Man, you just gotta love mother nature, huh? :-)

Our next trip will hopefully be in Baguio, but that's in November. I'm glad I was able to make the most of my free time while working freelance, because should I ever get the Forever 21 job that I applied for, I'll be so busy with my work schedule that I'll probably only have time for my two jobs, family and Gab/friends. It's a challenge and change I'm willing to accept and move with.

Here's to more adventures! :-)