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Our First NYC Apartment

You could say I’m somewhat of a “nomad”. I’ve lived in several different places from my childhood up until adulthood. If I were to count every single time I had to pack up my life, I would say I’ve moved a total of 12 times, most moves happening on the latter part of my life. I’ve had several different living situations, each unique than the last… but I’ve gotten used to it and it’s what helped me become adaptable over the years.

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On demotivation & welcoming 2018 with a hopeful heart

I had moved to a new city excited about the prospect of boundless opportunities. I looked at NYC as the solution to my problems. I thought that once I moved here, my life would change. I thought I would wake up one day and just be magically bursting with so much motivation and inspiration because I was in freaking New York! And yet, here I am, waking up on most days past 11AM, staying in bed until 2PM, only getting up because my stomach is forcing me to grab something to eat

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