Our NYC Bucketlist

So, it's happening. My dream of moving to New York City is coming into fruition, and with my fiancé Gab, no less. This was a goal of ours even before the beginning of our relationship, as individuals, and when we got together it became our goal as a couple as well. It took a while, but we're finally taking the big steps to get there. 

Moving to a whole new city to start a new chapter in our lives is HUGE and quite honestly 80% of the time it all still feels surreal. We talk about it, plan for it, but it never feels like it's something that's happening in a month's time (hopefully, if my visa makes it in time) until the day we leave actually arrives. 

Around two weeks ago, I got a suggestion from a Twitter follower to blog about my NYC bucketlist, and I thought it was such a swell idea. Not only did I get to post a new blog but I got to really think about and plan out what I want to do once we get to New York. New York City is such a vibrant, diverse and cultural city -- there's a reason why it's one of the most popular cities around the world. No doubt there's so much to see, do, eat, and experience -- a bucketlist was perfect in narrowing down what we want to achieve when we move to the Big Apple!

This list will be updated as soon as we cross off the list bit by bit. The photos are all credited to Merphi, an online friend of mine, whose photos of her recent trip to New York got me all heart eyed. Thanks, Merphi, for lending me your photos! :-)


Places to see/visit

  • See Lady Liberty
  • Visit Ellis Island - look for Gab's great grandfather's name in the list of immigrants from Europe
  • Visit Ground Zero to pay our respects
  • Visit Coney Island and get on the rides
  • Visit Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Spend an afternoon at the Bronx Zoo
  • See the famous FRIENDS apartment building
  • Spend an afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  • Visit and make use of the New York Public Library
  • Explore Central Park and discover its nooks and crannies
  • Visit the Tenement Museum
  • Spend the day at the Met
  • Visit the Gugenheim
  • Visit the Strand bookstore & get lost between the bookshelves and thousands of books
  • See Bushwick's street art
  • Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • See the Berlin Wall (Some parts of the real Berlin Wall are in NYC! I've seen the real one in Berlin, but would be cool to see more of it)
  • See the Flat Iron building
  • See Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night painting

Where to eat

  • Try one of the viral, sickeningly sweet, gross desserts from Insider's videos on Facebook
  • Try the famous $1 pizzas 
  • Eat at a very expensive restaurant well above my means
  • Try everything at Little Italy
  • Filipino restaurants 
  • Try totally exotic cuisine
  • Find my favorite bodega
  • Try Katz's Delicatessen
  • Try a cupcake from the cupcake atm 

Things to do

  • Get married at New York City Hall
  • Rent our own 1 bedroom apartment 
  • Take a helicopter ride to see NYC from above
  • See a broadway show
  • Go to a real jazz bar and listen to live jazz
  • Go up the Empire State Building
  • Bump into HoNY, try not to say anything cheesy or deep if I ever get interviewed
  • See a celebrity (Adam Driver lives in Brooklyn, and Ryan Gosling visits sometimes)
  • See a B&W film in one of New York's old theaters
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Watch Saturday Night Live
  • Visit all 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island)
  • Go up The Rock to get a view of NYC with the Empire State
  • Go to a concert at Madison Square Garden
  • Go ice skating at Central Park or at Rockefeller Center during the Holidays
  • Take the Staten Island Ferry
  • Spend the day at a Staten Island beach
  • Take a walk on the High Line 
  • Row a boat in one of Central Park's lakes
  • Ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway
  • Go thrifting at Beacon's Closet, Crossroads, What Goes Around Comes Around, etc.

the "omg im now a new yorker" list

  • Survive my first year in NYC with minimal tears
  • Be annoyed at slow walking tourists
  • Hate everyone
  • Navigate the subway like a pro
  • Not be fazed by rodents on the street, in fact, they're just neighbors at this point
  • "What's that weird smell?" the tourist asks. "What smell?" I reply.
  • Lived/s in a shoebox
  • Have my entire life on hold because of a blizzard
  • Be able to give a tourist directions
  • Stop following pedestrian signals because no true New Yorker ever does
  • Almost get hit by a stupid cab (due to former)
  • Barely do any of the stuff on this bucketlist because what true New Yorker has even ever been to the Statue of Liberty anyway
  • Be completely unfazed by a random person taking a dump on the street
  • Avoid Times Square like the plague


Have you been to NYC?

Let me know in the comments below for things I might have missed or you think Gab and I should definitely see/do/eat/try/experience! Of course we'd want to keep expanding this list as we go along crossing things off. I noticed that the list for places to eat is a little short... quite honestly it's because I fear for the prices because NYC is ridiculously expensive. But, if you think there's a place definitely worth spending a few bucks for, I'm all ears! Please recommend me some! If all goes well with my visa, then I've got a little less than two months before I started this grand new adventure in life, and I honestly can't wait to bring you guys along with me :-)