How to: Organize Your Accessories


One of the biggest questions girls often have in life: Where the hell did my bobby pins go? I'm the type of person who will always lose hair clips, bobby pins, earrings, hair ties, rings; basically any tiny thing smaller than my hand... It would be a miracle if they're around for more than a week... But a year ago, I decided to use my empty pill organizer to keep all the tiny things I tend to lose. It turned out to be a genius idea, even though I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it, because I now have what I call my Beauty Kit and I hope this hack will be a useful way for you to organize your accessories too!

Ta-da! All neat, compact, and heaps convenient!

What's inside my beauty kit? Bobby pins, hair clips, cute gold hairpins (Which I got from OASAP a year ago, but they no longer have it!), rubber hair ties, two necklaces, a pair of earrings and some antihistamine (in case I get an allergy attack from crustaceans)

See how they all fit nice and snug? 

Even better, it closes and becomes even more compact at 3 x 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width! I always have this in my handbag in case I ever need a quick hair fix or more accessorising!

I actually got the idea to share with you this beauty hack when I was at the Candy Magazine office a few months ago to shoot the hair tutorial videos they wanted me to do for their YouTube channel. It wasn't a planned down thing, and we sort of just winged it. When I needed to do more hairstyles that required hair ties and bobby pins, I whipped out my beauty kit and one of the editors was so amused with my little kit that she told me it was a great idea! I never really realized it was until they pointed out how convenient it was.

If you want the exact same pill organizer I have, I believe I bought this one at the department store of Landmark! They have a beauty section which has these on display. Hopefully it's still there. If not, you can check budget stores like Daiso or Japan Home Center! :-)

Let me know if you've got other accessory organizing hacks, would love to hear about them! God knows I need more organizing in my life. I'm a huge mess. Seriously. I'd make a terrible roommate.