Getting Married in NYC

I'm not the "I've had my wedding planned out since I was 8 years old" kind of girl. I don't know if it's because I was never big on celebrations or hated being the center of attention, or the idea of how stressful it is to plan a wedding. I just never really gave it much thought, and the one time I did consider really thinking about it, I just knew I either wanted it to look like my two main moods: classic and timeless or go full on Morticia Addams. Classic & timeless won that battle eventually when Gab and I made plans for our New York City civil wedding.

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Gab and I were to marry on December 8th, the closest date we could get for our 6th year anniversary which falls on the 10th. On Black Friday, I searched ASOS for the perfect simple bridal dress that matched the perfect pair of pointed heels. Two days before the wedding, we went to get our marriage license. The day before the wedding, we walked around our neighborhood looking for the cheapest flower shop that could make me a simple bouquet -- I got mine for about $20. A bit steep but we were desperate. About 8 hours before we were to leave for the City Clerk's Office, we were in bed trying to sleep when Gab realized he didn't have a pocket square. Imagine us at 2 a.m. getting out of bed trying to figure out how to fake a pocket square... In the end I cut up an old white shirt from Topshop (I only realized it was from Topshop AFTER the fact), cut a square from one of our Amazon delivery boxes, wrapped the shirt neatly around it and placed it in Gab's suit pocket. Ta-da! Fake pocket square. We laughed at how last minute we did everything for our wedding. I told you I wasn't the type to plan.

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Getting married in New York was something else. It was quite nice to have complete strangers who passed us by congratulate us or share our smiles -- from construction workers taking their break, police officers, to fellow newly weds who just got married too. Aside from that, the entire process at the City Clerk Office, was a mix of emotions. I was ecstatic, but anxious, and although we waited about 2 hours to go through the entire thing, it felt quicker than that. I felt as if I floated through the whole thing, but in a good way. 

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The ceremony itself was a quick 2-3 minute session. It was so quick, it felt as if it ended just as soon as it started. The officiant read us the vows, we said our I do's, Gab and I communicated with our eyes. Mine said, "omg I'm going to cry." and his said "Don't, if you cry I'll cry." and then he kissed me, and we were officially man and wife.

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We had a photographer from SweetEscape join us that day to take our photos. We didn't have plans on what we wanted out of the photos themselves, so we told her we'd just walk around and do whatever and she could shoot us that way. In a sense, we just wanted it to look as natural and candid as possible because we wanted photos we could look back on that day and think, "this is how our wedding day went, look at how happy we were just walking around and sharing a hotdog."

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What's more quintessential New York than having a Sabrett hotdog?

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Whenever I would come across the question about the happiest day of my life, none really came to mind. I always thought that was a little weird, like nothing struck me. I wasn't sure if it was because I had none or my standards for what happiest meant was way too high. But on December 8th, when I stood across my best friend and vowed to love him and be with him for all eternity, I finally found my answer.