My Must-Have Carry-On Bag Essentials


I've done quite a bit of traveling in the past year, and so it's safe to say I've experienced enough blunders and road bumps to learn from travel mistakes -- the biggest of which is packing wrong. I'm generally a no-fuss travel packer. I like to keep my baggage to a minimum, and I honestly never understood how some people could travel to a place for a week and bring XL sized luggages... I mean, what have you got in there? A chair? Okay, fine. I've done it (use XL luggage, not bring a chair) but only because I had no choice, Japan was freezing cold and the winter wear is thick, so I needed the space! – but generally, for all my other travels, I prefer and try to travel "light". Proof? I traveled around Europe twice, once for 2 weeks and another for a month, with nothing but a backpack -- I survived. Now, whenever I pack my carry-on bag, I have a few essentials I need to keep in mind to keep myself as stress free as possible. Lord knows blunders are about to happen, this way I can keep it to a minimum. You might find these useful, and if you do, you can thank me later.

My Must-Have Carry-On Bag Essentials


A Cabin Zero cabin sized 44L bag

The Cabin Zero cabin sized bag, which I first used when I traveled to Cebu a few months back and have been using for weekends I spend elsewhere, is a no-fuss travel friendly bag especially designed for urban jetsetters, much like you and me. Apparently, it's also the only bag in the market fit for an airline's cabin standards, giving you a hassle-free travel of not needing to worry if it'll fit standards or you'll have to check it in. The best part is that it includes a built in luggage tracker, so if you ever lose your luggage, you can easily track its location -- but let's hope you'll never have to use it, although it's still a cool feature to have.

Cabin Zero's thick padded shoulder straps make it very comfortable to wear, despite how heavy it can be -- it really makes a difference because traveling to Cebu, I could carry my bag fan but the backpack I used during my last eurotrip was not comfortable at all, Gab ended up having to carry my bag for me once in a while, so you can imagine how unfortunate that was for both of us. Another key feature is the outer lining of the bag is waterproof polyester, so you don't need to worry about accidental liquid spills/stains or terrible weather.

Cabin Zero also comes with a 10 year warranty; this is easily upgradable to 25 years if you 'like' them on Facebook -- which I've done, of course!

For more info on Cabin Zero and their products you can visit them on their website, Facebook or Instagram


Zeroshock Multi Storing Pouch

I never knew I needed this in my life until I got my hands on it. As a blogger and aspiring vlogger, my gadgets are not only an essential; they're (expensive) investments that need to be taken care of. I'll admit, I've throw in my cameras in my bag without really caring and they've come out of it alive, albeit often a little scratched up. Yes, I have regrets with how I handle my things but all that is about to change. :-)

The Zeroshock Multi Storing Pouch features low-elasticity Polyurethane wave shaped material superior in shock absorbency (very important) to protect things from outside shock and prevent water from damaging your device. It includes a parting strip to separate your gadgets and accessories easily and a mesh pocket to store and organize your USBs, audio cables, etc.

I use this pouch everyday to store my two cameras, my 1 TB hard drive, some SD cards and USBs. If I have to go somewhere, I can just grab it and go without having to worry about my gadgets getting damaged or banged up. Yes, I love it.

For more info on Elecom & their products, you may visit them on their website, Facebook  or Instagram.

Coversafe S100 Secret Waist Band

When you're traveling and touring all day, your safety becomes first priority especially as a foreigner in a country that is not your own. Your passport, money, and other important documents become your lifeline. The safest way to keep all this safe is to have these things literally on you.

The Coversafe S100 Secret Waist Band by Pacsafe is discreet, hidden and soft-to-the-touch, designed to fit a woman's body and contours. It features breathable, machine washable, and lingerie fabric, giving it a subtle yet secure clasp that lies comfortable on the body and stays hidden under clothing.

With this award-winning travel essential, you can be sure to have a peace of mind knowing your most important documents are safe and secure. I no longer have to worry about making sure my passport or money are still in my bag, because I can be sure they're on me at all times, under my clothing.

For more info on Pacsafe and their products, you may visit them on their website, Facebook or Twitter.


 Ziplock Bags

You're probably giving me a funny look right now, but hear me out. These simple little babies are useful for a number of things:

  1. Storing your 100ml liquids which most airports/airlines require. If you don't have plastic bags, the airport will charge you for them, so keep these handy. One time, at London Luton Airport, I was charged GBP 1.00 for a plastic bag, which was around Php 74.00 back then. I was robbed.
  2. You can keep wet items of clothing safely away from your clean and dry clothing
  3. For packing food in your day bag while touring around the city
  4. Storing other knick-knacks so they dont get lost in your bag

Now you see why they're an essential to me. You can get ziplock bags in your local grocery stores. This specific one I got from the dollar store in Alabang Town Center.

My Klean Kanteen Bottle

I use this everyday, everywhere, be it at home, at French class or just going out. That's how much of an essential it is to me. I get the most out of it when traveling because not only is it important to stay hydrated, I get to save on cash by filling it up with water as I go along.

I brought this with me to my Eurotrip and I was able to save on so much cash instead of buying water at stores and restaurants -- which are very pricey, mind you! Some places will charge you around Php 200 for a bottle of water. It's crazy.

My favorite feature is that it's insulated, which means it can keep my drinks cold for about 12 hours -- it's amazing.

If you're wondering where I got it, I've seen this product available in True Value but I got mine from Klean Kanteen PH.


Now that I've shared with you my must-have carry on essentials, do you have any that didn't make it to my list? I would love to hear them so I can get more ideas for my next travel. I'm always looking to make things easier for myself and others, and I'm sure other readers would love to hear them too :-)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pacsafe/Cabin Zero/Elecom. All thoughts, opinions and personal experiences expressed in this post are entirely my own :-)