Life Lately: Where Have I Been?

It's a gloomy Friday. I've spent majority of my morning in bed under my sheets, just casually reading through s/AskReddit on my iPhone, only getting up for some breakfast. I had a bowl of vanilla flavored granola cereal with soy milk, both of which I bought from Healthy Options for a ridiculous price, just to see if a healthier breakfast, despite how expensive, will affect the way I feel the rest of the day. I'm currently trying to figure out the best diet for me -- fruits? meats? no carbs? veggies? it all depends on what my body responds to and what makes me feel more energized throughout the day.

I've been MIA on my blog for quite some time now, and I'm fully aware of this. Life has been kind of weird lately, and feeling out of funk with blogging is not entirely new to me, but the past few weeks it's like I never loved blogging in the first place. It's weird. This morning, I decided to just open up my blog and write something, anything. I then realized that maybe it was time for another Life Lately post, just to keep you guys up to speed with what's been going on. And already, just writing this blog post is making me realize why I loved blogging in the first place. It's the few moments where I can just sit in total silence, and speak to you.

So life lately has been about:

  1. Recuperating from a terrible few weeks of sicknesses -- first a terrible nausea spell during my Bali trip and also during my work trip to Zambales just two days after -- and two days later after coming home to finally rest I ended up with dengue. It was a mild form of dengue, but nonetheless it was exhausting. This is where my blogging funk went all wonky.
  2. Finally making my way to Baguio with Gab and his family, a place I haven't been to in more than 10 years.
  3. Exploring a new hobby of mine that hopefully will one day be part of my career -- illustration.
  4. More work + travel opportunities -- I might be heading back to Indonesia in July, Malaysia in August and then do a cruise from HK to China then Japan in September!
  5. Had my first big talk for DLSU Leap Day where I talked about my travel experiences and all that I've learned from it
  6. Redecorating tiny spaces, putting up some of my artworks + photos
  7. Reliving my Eurotrip + homestay memories -- missing my french host family and my life for 2 months over there
  8. Going out more and actually socializing with real people off the internet (lol)
  9. Binge watching Masters of Sex on Netflix
  10. Building my art materials collection, I probably have more than 80 markers right now.
  11. Contemplating back & forth if I should continue my French classes at Alliance Française, currently at 90% sure I will.
  12. Been tired of Instagram lately. My accounts (personal & fox.and.bear) have been dead. Oops. Is Instagram really going under?

Anyway, the weekend is here and I'll be seeing Gab later today. We've been itching to go to the beach even if just for a night but Gab's suddenly got work stuff to do. This weekend will be spent hanging out with the Catt sisters, Jeline & Jamie, before I go back to work mode next week.

Thanks for sticking around, guys. Despite the lack of updates on my end. I'm trying, I promise. :)