Life Lately: January 2018

I'm quite pleased to let you guys know life lately has been going really great. The last time I wrote on here I was struggling with demotivation in life. I've since then taken active steps to be more productive each day, and learning to forgive myself when I don't get to do as much as I want to. There's still a long way to go with my overall growth but each little tick off my to-do list is always a win.

Here's what life lately has been like for me...

life lately 01-18.png


  • The days have been getting a bit warmer so when Gab is off school + work, we try to go exploring a bit! Last week we hit up Brooklyn & continue to fall in love with the borough
  • Discovered a nice little vintage store in Dumbo where I fell in love with a 1940s chino pants. It was too expensive ($149) for my life. It was a little difficult to walk away from it.
  • I've been eating healthier, even keeping my caloric intake below 1,200 (I have a problem with overeating, so this is good.) 
  • I'm also obsessing over pomegranates (they're so good?!?!) + chai tea lattes. I've attempted to make my own at home but Starbucks chai tea latte still wins my heart every time. It's difficult to replicate. They must be using some kind of magic powder on it.
  • I got myself a Nintendo Switch as an early birthday present. I never really splurge on items that aren't related to my work because majority of my expenses are technically tied to my work as a blogger (clothing, gadgets like my laptop/ipad, etc) so it's quite nice to reward myself with something solely for fun and entertainment.
  • It took me a while to get on the Glossier train, and now I'm obsessed with their products. I 100% use Glossier majority of the time unless I need a full face of makeup for events/work stuff.
  • Have you seen Call Me By Your Name? No? GET ON IT. It's been a month since I saw the movie and I still think about it. Also, Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens is playing on repeat on my Spotify and it's been nominated for an Oscar too!
  • I participated in a quick blogging class about pitching yourself to brands and learned (yet again!!!!) that I undervalued myself immensely. I don't know why I just can't seem to wrap my head around what I'm truly worth. It sucks.
  • Just to keep it real, our NYC life has not been without its challenges, especially financially. I've spent majority of the last two months stressing out about the upcoming expenses (we paid 3 months straight for rent, so we're due for February) and finally getting paid for work I've done has been such a burden off my shoulders. Not only are we secured for the next two months, I have enough to spend on some wants for myself & Gab as well.
  • I've been brainstorming on content for my blog, what kind of posts do you guys want to see aside from life updates? Currently I'm planning two beauty posts (a review + skincare routine for dry skin) but what other themes would you like to see? Guides? How-to's? 


February is coming up, and it's my birthday month!!!! I'm really excited to celebrate Valentine's Day & my birthday. At the end of the month Gab and I are planning an out of town trip towards upstate New York in a place called Catskill Mountains. I don't want to reveal too much, but we'll be staying in a cabin... in the woods. It's going to be really cool and picturesque as you can imagine, so I definitely can't wait to share that with you guys!

I hope everyone's had a wonderful January.