Leissigen Youth Hostel: A Malt History, Scenic Views, and an Old Charm Feel

Leissigen Youth Hostel
Leissigen Youth Hostel

Let's go back to October 7, 2015 when Gab and I made our way to Bern, Switzerland from Paris and we stayed at a beautiful holiday home turned youth hostel situated in the quiet village of Leissigen. Did I mentioned it sits right by Lake Thun making it a youth hostel with its own beach? And that the holiday home used to be owned by a man named Albert Wander, the same man who invented the Ovomaltine malt drink? You can read more about the hostels history here, if you're interested. The Leissigen Youth Hostel literally has the old charm feel, like you've traveled back in time to the 1900's with its interiors and furniture. It's also a great base camp for taking day trips to the old town of Bern, Interlaken or visiting the Swiss Alps -- which is why it was my favorite hostel during our eurotrip. The Leissigen Youth Hostel is open from April 29 to October 23, the months between that is the winter season and therefor would be too cold to stay in because there's no central heating... Yes folks, the building is pretty much in its original state since it was first built, around the time central heating still wasn't a thing.

Anyway, I'll let my photos do the talking.

A warning: it's a bit photo heavy, so I'm sorry to the PH internet users.

Albert Wander Haus Youth Hostel

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Inside the youth hostel

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Upon entering the front door, the main hallway and a large poster of a vintage postcard is what first greets you. The entire place was empty when we arrived. Not even the staff was there. Reception would open at 5 PM, and it was only around 3:30. 

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Around the hostel you'll find vintage ads of Ovomaltine. It was a really nice addition to the place.

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 The cozy common area for playing board games with your family, friends or other hostel guests.

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On the right side of the common area was this beautifully tiled furnace. 

The Albert Wander Room

I'll be honest, the whole house gives me an eerie vibe because the interiors and the furniture look like it hasn't changed since 1900's. The floors creak with every step (literally), and the lights are so yellow and dim that it makes the long hallways feel like the twins from The Shining will appear out of nowhere asking you to "come play with them" *shudders*. But that's completely part of the charm, and I loved every bit of it. Even when it felt like I was in a paranormal movie every time the sun set.

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If you see a year written on anything in Europe, it's safe to assume that's when that certain thing was built, especially for buildings. As for our beds, I'm inclined to believe it was made in 1916. Pretty cool to sleep in a 100 year old bed.Our balcony where I'd imagine would be the perfect place to sit and read while drinking Ovomaltine.

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The beautiful view of Lake Thun and the Niesen mountain from our balcony. Who would mind waking up to this?

The Food

Majority of hostels will have breakfast included in your fee. It's usually simple and enough to energize you for your day of traveling. At the Albert Wander Haus you can also request for packed lunches or have dinner at the hostel, which I found most of the families do so it's like one big gathering.

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I ate that Ovomaltine spread like there was no tomorrow. It's even better than Nutella, in my opinion. If anyone knows where I can find a bottle of this heavenly goodness, let me know! :-)

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European meal staples: ham and different kinds of cheese.Our first dinner at the hostel:  burger patty, grilled veggies and mash. It was easily my favorite meal during our stay, very rustic and hearty.

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This meal looks like it's just some kind of pork with rice and broccoli, but actually it was made from mashed cauliflower and mozzarella cheese. It was absolutely scrumptious, but as a meat lover, I think I prefer the burger patty :-P

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Gab chatting with a nice old fashioned looking lady from South Africa on our last night in Switzerland. We chatted with her for about 30 minutes, talking about traveling in general. For the life of me, I can't remember her name, but I remember thinking she stepped out of 1910's because of her green ensemble + the matching hat... But when I initially spotted her wandering by the lake, I also thought she was a ghost. Can you blame me?! 

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Our last cups of Ovamaltine + sugar donuts, while watching the sun set. I remember this moment very well. It was freezing, the sun was setting, my camera couldn't capture the moment as perfectly as my eyes could see, there was a Korean couple chatting loudly at the next table while Gab and I quietly took sips from our cups, and I only ate half my donut because I was still full from the dinner we had before.

I would like to thank the Hostelling International, the Swiss Youth Hostel Association & the staff of the Albert Wander Haus Youth Hostel for making our stay in Leissigen a memorable one and supporting #CamieAndGabTakeEurope :-)

For more information on Leissigen Youth Hostel/Albert Wander Haus you can visit their website or follow YouthHostel_CH on Twitter.