An Afternoon at La Maripili with my new 35mm Lens

La Maripili
La Maripili

Work date lunches is our thing. Gab and I will pick a cafe, have some lunch, coffee, and dessert, all while getting some work done. We'll sit in silence for hours, only chatting here and there to make comments about the food, or the place, or the people, or ask each other random questions that pop into our heads. He'll work on his novel, I'll work on my blog. It's the best way we get some productivity done while we're together, which is all the time. A few days ago, Gab told me about a new cafe that opened in the south called La Maripili Churreria. It's so new that the first time we visited, they were still finishing some paint work on the other half of the cafe. We didn't really mind and proceeded to order six of their chocolate covered churros just because.

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Flavors: dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry and mango -- they were all delicious. But I'm a hardcore white chocolate type of girl, so that was obviously my favorite. Hazelnut was Gab's.

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We decided to return another day bringing along all our work stuff with us for a work lunch date. I ordered myself the French Melt and a Cortado espresso shot (admittedly, I expected it to be a latte. I had no idea it was an espresso shot, so imagine my surprise lol) while Gab got himself a simple ham and cheese melt.

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I brought along my Fujifilm X-A2 camera with my new 35mm lens to test it out since I haven't gotten around to taking photos since I got it last week. I fell in love with the quality of 35mm photos after seeing my blogger friends photos on Instagram. We call it the "blogger" lens because it's the perfect lens most bloggers use/covet for the ultimate bokeh effect in the background. I personally love it too. After experimenting during my afternoon in La Maripili, I can now say my photos have more depth in regards to quality.

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La Maripili's counter.

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Mirror shots.

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Another mirror shot, testing quality, I'm standing about 2.5 meters away.

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Half of the menu, so now you get an idea of the price range. Not bad.

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A book I bought in Amsterdam, I've only gotten through 1/4 of the book. It's quiet interesting, though.

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Halfway through my cheese melt. Eating while reading is easily one of my favorite activities. Together, of course. Double the fun.

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Gab sat on a separate table because all my mess easily took up half of ours. I don't mind, I like my tables messy. It somehow gives off this more productive vibe.

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I haven't read Gab's novel save for the first two pages. One day this notebook will be worth a whole lot. I can feel it.

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I asked Gab to take a photo of me so I'd have a photo of myself up on the blog... Haha.

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Churros + thick hot chocolate = heaven. I never liked churros until yesterday. To be fair, I've only tried the S&R ones, and they never made an impact on me.

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My favorite photo of Gab. I sneakily took a photo because he somehow reminded me of Hemingway. Not the young version, though. The older one. I think it's because of his beard.

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We were testing the photo quality despite being against the light. Not entirely terrible. I quite like it.

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This is the longest Gab's beard has grown. He was first growing it for fun, and then suddenly he had to keep it for work where roles required him to have a beard, to look more manly or tough. I love Gab's beard. I think it makes him look more manly, which to me is sexy. He's naturally baby faced, which I actually hate. It looks like I'm dating a younger guy.

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This is less candid. Gab wanted to test out the lens himself and he loved the contrast and shadows.

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Instax Wide polaroids. Haven't used my Instax Wide in almost a year. I thought it was time to unearth it and take it for a spin.

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Playing with afternoon shadows and light, my version.

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Playing with afternoon shadows and light, Gab's version.

I've always loved my Fujifilm X-A2 camera, but I think I've fallen in love with it even more now with the new lens. It makes a huge difference in my photos and the quality, and of course, lighting also takes up about 60% of what makes a good photo and La Maripili has superb lighting, great ambiance and food.

While I really love the place, a part of me wishes it doesn't get too popular to the point of it being overly crowded. It's so hard to find nice cafes to work in now and I generally try to stay away from places like Starbucks because I would much rather support the smaller businesses -- they're just quite difficult to find, you know? If you know of nice small cafes in the metro that I should check out or you think I would love to have work date lunches with Gab in, let me know! :-)

La Maripili is located in Alabang Town Center, it's in the new building in the Madrigal side entrance, across Molito.