Jeju Island, South Korea - Day Two

Jeju Day 2 Cover
Jeju Day 2 Cover

We woke up on our second day at Jeju Island to a very foggy, drizzly and you guessed it, cold morning. I had stayed up with my roommate until three in the morning just talking about life and our current work, and we still managed to get up at 6:30 AM and at the breakfast buffet of our hotel by 8 AM, way ahead of everyone else in our tour group. Sunny, our tour guide, decided that since the weather forecast would be extremely gloomy and rainy the entire day we would do all our indoor tours. I'll be pretty frank with you and admit that this day was my least favorite of all, mostly because when I travel, I prefer to visit places with great significance to the country's history and culture. I did ask Rakso Travel if I could explore Jeju City on my own (and my own expense), but unfortunately they didn't allow things like that. I'm assuming it would be because of safety reasons, like if anything happened to me, they would be liable -- so it's totally understandable.

On our itinerary for this day was: Alive Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, Hello Kitty Island, Love Land and Halla Art Hall to watch The Painters. Despite none of these being in any relevance to my interests, I still had fun! Spoiler alert: my favorite part the entire day was watching live art by The Painters. It was so entertaining.

Alive Museum, Jeju Island, South Korea

At the Alive Museum (or Trick Art Museum), you could have some fun and be part of the art through awesome optical illusions. This was pretty much like a playground for kids and adults, but definitely not for the grandmas and grandpas. It was also a little overwhelming because there were so much themes/worlds you could get lost in! By the end of the museum tour, I was tired and didn't even bother posing anymore. Haha

The Teddy Bear Museum, I would say, was just alright. I found the displays of teddy bears depicting different historical events around the world the most interesting part. Of course, because of my love for Germany, I took this photo of the teddy bears reenacting The Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Hello Kitty Island, Jeju South Korea

Hello Kitty Island was obviously all entirely all about Hello Kitty and her friends. It's like Japan visited Jeju and puked Hello Kitty in one spot and then left. Haha. I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty, so I didn't really appreciate this part of the tour as much as I would have liked, because again, I prefer historical/cultural places. I did go through all the areas and admired the cuteness and took some photos, though! If you're a Hello Kitty fan, then definitely stop by Hello Kitty Island. But if not, you could totally skip this place and visit elsewhere!

 Balding Cherry Blossoms by the road

 My favorite part of our lunch: eating Abalone! they were very fresh before we cooked them in the shabu-shabu soup!

I've forgotten to ask about our lunch, I just know it was seafood with noodles! A Korean comfort food during cold weather. There were a lot of locals in the restaurant that day having the same meal :)

 My favorite sculpture from Love Land, which screamed ART.

Love Land was... Interesting. It's a park targeted for honeymooners, I suppose to inspire an exciting sex life, both for old married couples and new married couples alike. There were sculptures that showed sex positions, lots of penises/phallic shapes and symbols (door handles, sculptures, food shaped like a penis), dioramas on sex situations, a shop that sold lots of sex toys, etc. It was an entire park dedicated to sex. I'm no prude by any means, but I found the park a little uncomfortable for me to walk around, especially the diorama area that depicted sex/sexy situations which all felt a little perverted rather than natural thing all humans experience. There were dioramas on how Korean parents would have sex in the room while their children were "sleeping" (this I know is quite normal, not just in Korean culture but everywhere around the world), dioramas on how men would look up a girl's skirt while she bent over a billiard table to make a shot --  Other than that, I'd say it would be a great park to visit for couples, definitely not people you've only met recently (my tour group lol) and I'd imagine walking around it would be so much more fun if it wasn't raining.

Our last stop was to see The Painters do live art at Hall Art Hall at the University. Take my word for it: IT'S WORTH SEEING WHILE AT JEJU. You get live art and comedic acts. I think almost everyone at the tour group enjoyed this entire show. Two from our tour group even got to participate in the comedic acts on the stage with the four funny guys. Unfortunately, we couldn't take any photos until the very end when the show was over.

My and my roommate Irish's crush is on the most left side. Haha What a cutie. Behind them are just some of the artworks they did towards the end of the two hour show. They do shows in Jeju and mainland South Korea every other month respectively, and there are five teams. The four guys above are from Team Picasso!

 Our Korean dinner consisted of shabu-shabu once again, with lots of different vegetables, pasta and meat. I quite enjoyed this kind of shabu-shabu because we got meat. I'm a meat kind of girl. I need it with my food. This was at a restaurant called Goong Han's Shabu :)

We headed back to our hotel right after dinner to rest, but us girls decided to head out and explore Jeju City. We didn't get very far, though. We hit the shopping street and spent majority of our time inside Etude House where I kind of went crazy. I only brought 100 USD with me for the trip because I didn't want to shop (HA HA HA), and the 100 USD was going to be for food to bring home for my family... Needless to say, I spent half of that on makeup/skin care products alone. I have no regrets.

After about two hours out in the city, I decided to head back before 10 PM so I could get some work done. Yes, work doesn't stop despite being on "vacation" mode ;-)

So, that's about it for day two! Days three and four get a lot more exciting, so please do stay tuned for that! The post will be up in a few days :)

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