Exploring: Bern, Switzerland

Bern Switzerland
Bern Switzerland

When Gab and I were planning our Eurotrip, we knew first hand that we didn't want to miss visiting Switzerland, with one goal in mind: visiting the Swiss Alps. Bern, the capital of Switzerland (not Zurich!) is a UNESCO world heritage site due to sandstone houses, narrow streets, and beautiful fountains, all well preserved dating back to medieval times; Bern also happens to be a gateway to the alps and Jungfraujoch was on the top of our list for Switzerland. According to local legend, Bern (Berne) got it's name from Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen, who vowed to name the city after the first animal he met on a hunt, which happened to be a bear.

Bern Switzerland

The best thing about traveling in autumn isn't the cold weather, it's the way nature changes color, as if to mimic sunset representing the end of the year.

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Our quaint looking hostel: Youth Hostel Leissigen, our home base in Bern. More about our stay here soon.

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Leissigen is a quiet little village with a population of around 976 people, give or take.

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Taken on our first morning, waiting for the train to head to the Old Town Bern. Charming Leissigen train station is my favorite out of any of the train stations I've waited on in Europe.

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Swiss Chocolates at the Bern train station... Gab and I decided to try some because apparently Swiss Chocolates are "the best"

Old Town Bern

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 Bern has many fountains dating back to the 16th century. In the main street we walked along, there were probably around 5-7 fountains!

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The fountains served to show the city's wealth and power, as well as providing public water to its citizens. 

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The Zytglogg (medieval clock tower) dates back to 1218-1220, one of the three oldest clocks in Switzerland.

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Albert Einstein's home turned museum. We wanted to take a look, but as you can see it was pretty crowded, so we continued on... Remember at the beginning of this post I explained how Bern got its name? Well, Bern has a bear pit where you can visit and view a family of bears -- for free. As if that wasn't cool enough, these bear pits have been around since around 1500's. Gab and I enjoyed watching the bears hang around and chill -- they're one of our favorite animals.

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After spending some time at the bear pits, we decided to climb up a hill to get a better view of Old Town Bern. I hate climbing, or exerting too much physical effort into anything in general (lol) but climbing to get this beautiful view was totally worth it all.

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And what better way to enjoy the view of Bern with the person you love? Having Swiss chocolate while you do so.

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Gab and I really need to work on our selfies and getting the view behind us. But, ah well, that's reality. I think I like this better than overly contrived photos for the sake of "art" -- I quite like that my travel photos aren't picture perfect because it feels more real. :-)

The second day of our stay in Switzerland was our trip to Jungfraujoch and the alpine villages beneath it, but I'm dedicating an entirely separate post for that! It's quite lengthy and I want to get into the details of how to visit Jungfraujoch in case any of you go on a Eurotrip next year and want to visit the alps too :-)