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How to Plan Your Eurotrip

When it comes to traveling, my heart is always drawn back to my favorite continent: Europe.In the past 5 years, I've visited three times, and so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about getting started with planning a Eurotrip; but even so I still find myself getting overwhelmed by it all. I know a lot of you have had dreams and plans of visiting Europe one day but have no idea where to start, and so I decided to create a guide with all the basics to help kickstart your planning.

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Star Cruises Asia Experience

I've heard about family & friends going on cruises and having the best time, so it always tickled my curiosity of what it's actually like to sleep on a ship, with the waves rocking you back and forth, taking advantage of on-board activities or just doing absolutely nothing (my kind of relaxation), and then docking in a new city to explore for a day.

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Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Hotel The Exchange

As a creative person, nothing excites me more than coming across aesthetically pleasing places & spaces. I've discovered a quirky, fun and incredibly unique hotel in Amsterdam called Hotel The Exchange -- and yes, I got to sleep here for a night. Before you feast your eyes on the beautiful photos of the hotel I took, let me give you a brief background on what Hotel The Exchange is all about...

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