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Exploring: Disney Sea & Shibuya Crossing

On the early morning of March 24, I woke to my alarm at 5:00. After snoozing every 5 minutes until 5:30, I peeled myself from the bed and prepared for our breakfast buffet at the hotel. I peeked out our hotel room's window before heading downstairs and was greeted with a foggy view. The weather forecast said it would rain the whole day, with little to no chance of sun.

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Exploring: Tokyo

Can you believe my luck? My first international travel for 2016 and it's to the land where my favorite food hails from: JAPAN! Japan was my international travel goal for 2016, but I was aiming for the later part of the year because I had blown all my funds on my Eurotrip. But when the opportunity came to me to visit earlier, I took it.

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