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Things I Need for my Typical Work Day

Yes, as a freelancer, most days I work from home. In bed. In my pajamas. Under the covers. With my laptop open. Sometimes with a plate of food nearby. My bed becomes my sleep/eat/work station. It's definitely not healthy, but that's the reality of freelance life. On the other hand, I work outside at least 2-3 times a week and so I've got my typical must-haves when I venture out into the world to actually live.

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Things I Need While Touring Around A City

I’ve got a few weeks left until I go on my 3 week vacation this December with Gab. Yep, we’re embarking on a mini-Eurotrip because we absolutely didn’t feel like the last one was enough to really enjoy our favourite cities. While planning the upcoming trip, it got me thinking about last year’s Eurotrip and how I’ve made some travel mistakes that I definitely won’t be making again.

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What’s In My Carry On Bag

When I travel, especially for short trips that involves the outdoors or beaches, I prefer having my things in a backpack instead of a luggage. It’s convenient, the size perfect as a carry-on baggage and I can have access to it whenever I want.

Last week I went to Cebu for 5 days and decided I would only need a backpack.

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