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How I Achieve Radiant Skin with St. Ives

I've been a fan of St. Ives ever since I first stumbled upon the Apricot Facial Scrub when I was a teenager rummaging through my mom's bathroom looking for something to wash my face with, because I was sleeping over for the weekend and had forgotten to bring my own facial wash. I found my mom's tube of St. Ives Apricot Scrub sitting by her sink and didn't even think twice and washed my face with it...

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My French Skincare Haul

My two month stay in France was more than just a cultural exchange on my end. I took it as a chance to learn about the French way of life, and that included studying how effortlessly beautiful French women are and how they achieve it, and applying the things I've learned into my lifestyle as well. Honestly, I don't remember a time I ever came across a French woman with bad skin.

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