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Life Lately: January 2018

I'm quite pleased to let you guys know life lately has been going really great. The last time I wrote on here I was struggling with demotivation in life. I've since then taken active steps to be more productive each day, and learning to forgive myself when I don't get to do as much as I want to. There's still a long way to go with my overall growth but each little tick off my to-do list is always a win.

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Life Lately: Where Have I Been?

It's a gloomy Friday. I've spent majority of my morning in bed under my sheets, just casually reading through s/AskReddit on my iPhone, only getting up for some breakfast. I had a bowl of vanilla flavored granola cereal with soy milk, both of which I bought from Healthy Options for a ridiculous price, just to see if a healthier breakfast, despite how expensive, will affect the way I feel the rest of the day.

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