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Exploring: Mt. Fuji & Yokohama

Our last two days, before heading back home to sunny hot manila, was spent exploring the region of Mt. Fuji and Yokohama. Our 3rd morning brought gray skies, a little drizzle that soon turned to very light snowfall, which was nothing entirely exciting. Our tour guide warned us that the weather didn't look ideal to see Mt. Fuji, but with high hopes we boarded our tour bus and embarked on a two hour bus ride towards our first stop: Gotemba.

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Exploring: Disney Sea & Shibuya Crossing

On the early morning of March 24, I woke to my alarm at 5:00. After snoozing every 5 minutes until 5:30, I peeled myself from the bed and prepared for our breakfast buffet at the hotel. I peeked out our hotel room's window before heading downstairs and was greeted with a foggy view. The weather forecast said it would rain the whole day, with little to no chance of sun.

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Exploring: Tokyo

Can you believe my luck? My first international travel for 2016 and it's to the land where my favorite food hails from: JAPAN! Japan was my international travel goal for 2016, but I was aiming for the later part of the year because I had blown all my funds on my Eurotrip. But when the opportunity came to me to visit earlier, I took it.

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