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Getting Married in NYC

Gab and I were to marry on December 8th, the closest date we could get for our 6th year anniversary which falls on the 10th. On Black Friday, I searched ASOS for the perfect simple bridal dress that matched the perfect pair of pointed heels. Two days before the wedding, we went to get our marriage license.

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Dear 16 Year Old Camie,

Ah, to be young and naive. Sixteen with no cares in the world except getting to school on time, being called into the principals office for wearing makeup (please, cheek tint and curling your lashes is hardly makeup, Ms. Murella) and having 'flings' with unsuspecting boys just because you're bored. So young, so naive, so immature.

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#FirstWorldProblems, we all have them. Since blogging is something I practically live and breathe every day of my life, I decided to list down my own blogger problems and the mundane, petty things I encounter when it comes to my passion. This post is not meant to be taken seriously. I'm well aware that these problems are not real problems, except maybe some. These are all just for fun :-)

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