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Star Cruises Asia Experience

I've heard about family & friends going on cruises and having the best time, so it always tickled my curiosity of what it's actually like to sleep on a ship, with the waves rocking you back and forth, taking advantage of on-board activities or just doing absolutely nothing (my kind of relaxation), and then docking in a new city to explore for a day.

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Visual Diary: Discovering Bali, Indonesia with myPAL Roam

I've always heard of Bali being a top destination for nearly everyone I know. We all know I'm a Europe kind of girl, so Bali never really made it to my list of Top 10 anything. I quite honestly didn't know what to expect, and I hate to admit that the only thing that really came into my mind upon hearing the world "Bali" was surfing and beaches. Of course, like any person with presumptions, I was most definitely wrong... and I'm glad I was.

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Exploring: Tokyo

Can you believe my luck? My first international travel for 2016 and it's to the land where my favorite food hails from: JAPAN! Japan was my international travel goal for 2016, but I was aiming for the later part of the year because I had blown all my funds on my Eurotrip. But when the opportunity came to me to visit earlier, I took it.

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