The Boyfriend Diaries: Valentine's Day Cheese in the Form of a Q&A

Happy Valentine's Day to all you Wildlings! Whether you're single or taken or it's complicated, the most important thing to remember is that I'm happily taken and that's all that matters -- LOL I'M JOKING. Valentine's Day is all about love but it doesn't have to mean love for a significant other, or a bitter reminder of singledom... It's that whether you're in a relationship or not, what matters is that you're loved. By family, by friends, by your best friends, by yourself, most importantly. :-) According to the previous survey I did a few weeks ago, a good number of you mentioned how much they missed blog posts about Gab and our relationship. I thought, "Hmm, they're right, I haven't really posted much about Gab lately." which was quite sad, and ironic, considering Gab and I spend a lot of time together. In lieu of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd spread some well obligatory cheese. I found a bf/gf tag and sent Gab a series of questions to answer about our relationship, and then I'll be giving my own answers as well. Gab and I will answer the questions separately and then copy/paste them after... Enjoy! :-)

  1. When/How did you meet?Camie: We met in college, during my junior year. My friends and I went to the cafeteria to get some food, and because it was the usual Wednesday C-break (DLSU/CSB students know this) it was quite packed, so majority of the time you'd share tables with other people from other courses. We spotted our friend Artu and approached him so we could sit with him. Gab happened to be with him. Gab mentioned we had been classmates at a certain class a year prior to which I responded, "Really? I'm sorry, I don't really remember." Seemed a bit bitchy at the time but honestly I never remember any of my classmates because I was an irregular student and everyone had their own friends and I was there to just do my business then leave. I was very anti-social.Gab:We were classmates first in one of our classes in school. We never met then but I remembered her. I on the other hand was more forgettable. Hehe. We met about a year later when my friend introduced us in the school cafeteria.
  2. What was your first impression of each other?Camie: When I met him, I didn't really think anything of him. I did like his denim jacket, though. About a month after I officially met him, I finally remembered who he was in the class we had together. He was the guy who always dressed nice and had obnoxiously loud music playing from his phone when we'd be working on photoshop or lightroom. I remember hating his music and also thinking he was gay -- all because he just dressed so well. I'm a terrible person.Gab: I thought she looked really pretty. Quite intimidating in some way, but I wasn’t deterred from speaking to her. Honestly she interested me. It seemed like she had way more to her than just looks and whether it was negative or positive thing I wanted to find out. You can say I was drawn to her entity.
  3. When did you realize you wanted to start dating?Camie: I think it was around the time we started hanging out more and more, almost every day. To be specific, it was the time we shared our first kiss.Gab:Being eager to be with her I wanted to go out with her right away. The hopeless fool that I was I would usually wait for her in the cafeteria every Wednesday for about a month. I wanted to get a chance to talk to her again and maybe ask her out. So I’d talk to her as well and facebook and ask her to hangout but that didn’t seem to work. It happened up until summer but she was busy with other things. The next term comes along, it was the last for me, I’d wait for her again. This time we had a better idea of who each other were and there was a day when classes were suspended so I asked her out. Because of the spontaneity she had no escape from my persistency.
  4. What’s something the other does do that annoys you?Camie: When he plays loud alternative/rock music in the car, especially in the mornings.Gab: That whole YAS thing really annoys me. It doesn’t help that she really loves saying it.
  5. What’s a quirk of theirs that you find charming?Camie: Sometimes I'll hear Gab talking to himself and then I realize it's just him playing a different character he made up in his head or an existing character from a movie/book/comic. The first time I heard him doing that in the bathroom, I found it really odd, but now I just laugh cause I mean, I'm dating an actor. It's totally normal.Gab:I like it when she grins at me for the longest time and I know that she wants something. It’s pretty funny, scary at times, and endearing. She used to snort when she would laugh but then somehow that got transferred to me.
  6. Who said I love you first?Camie: I did.Gab: She did. But then the feeling was mutual way before anyone said anything.(Gab sounds so defensive as if this question is to intend that he didn't love me first. LOL)
  7. What’s the funniest experience you’ve had together?Camie: There's way too many. I've found myself crying out of laughter a lot whenever I'm around Gab. One time, before we were even dating, we went to see a movie and right when the theater was quiet, Gab yawned and I placed my index finger below his nose. It happened all so fast that he didn't realize my finger was there and when he inhaled, it turned into this really loud snort instead. He was so embarrassed.Gab: The are too many to count. We laugh our asses off quite often, but I remember this time in Switzerland where Camie was playing on the train tracks. She was balancing on the railings and she jumped to see if she had good balance but then her jump faltered and she fell. That sound she made as she fell was really something. I believe she has a video of that instance.
  8. What’s your ideal date night like?Camie: I'm a no-frills kind of girl. An ideal date night to me would just involve good food and nice conversations with Gab. One of the most memorable times I've had with him would involve these talks. We'd talk about so many things, random, funny, personal stuff. We'd even talk for hours and hours and wouldn't realize how late it would get. Oh, and cuddles. Nice cuddles.Gab: Date nights are easy and that’s movie and a dinner. What I like to do is be out with her the whole day and just do whatever we feel like doing.
  9. What’s your fondest memory of the other person?Camie: The day he asked me to be his girlfriend, the time we shared our first kiss, the time he grabbed me to slow dance with him for the first time... Most recently it's falling asleep in Gab's arms after a long day of walking around a new city, then waking up next to him ready to go exploring again (ie. our Eurotrip memories)Gab: The days when im with her always turns into fond memories, so its hard to pinpoint which was THE BEST. So, weirdly enough I cherish the days when we sort of had that struggle and questioning of whether or not we’d be with each other. Falling for each other each day and slowly binding ourselves in this affirmation of love. But the day we officially got together was a very happy day for me. Very happy indeed.
  10. If you were animals, which would your significant other most likely resemble or be?Camie: Definitely a dog. Maybe a bulldog. Sometimes Gab reminds me of a bulldog.Gab: She’d be a beautiful and magnificent wolf.
  11. What do you argue about the most?Camie: Currently I can't think of anything we really argue about, except maybe when I nag about him doing certain things. He hates when I tell him he needs to do this and that, even though I do it because I care. Haha.Gab: This and that.
  12. You’re at a restaurant and your significant other gets up to use the toilets right when the waiter arrives to take your order, what do you order for your boyfriend/girlfriend?Camie: Assuming we're in a Japanese restaurant, I'd order him crunchy chicken teriyaki and sushi. Just to be safe. And water on the side. For Italian, I'll go for either lasagna or carbonara, with margherita pizza, or all veggie pizza. American restaurant would be spare ribs or a really good burger with crunchy onions.Gab: I would get anything that I like really. Because she usually likes what I order so sometimes I end up giving her some of my food, which I don’t mind at all. Couples do share. But then if there were any sort of crab or shrimp I’d probably get one of those for her. But just as long as it’s smothered in oil and garlic or any type of sauce really. She loves her sauce.
  13. What’s your favourite thing about your significant other?Camie: The way he's just so kind and selfless. I realized how much of a kind person Gab was when during our Eurotrip, every single time we were at a train or bus he would always help out strangers with their baggage, be it young or old, or mothers with their strollers... He's such an old school gentleman. The kind of man I would want my daughter to date. It's no wonder my parents and siblings love him.Gab: That she is an original.
  14. In your next lifetime, how will you attempt to find your current significant other?Camie: If I meet someone who treats me the way Gab treats me, and accept me for who I am, farts and stinky pits and all -- then I'd know it's definitely Gab. HahaGab: I’d imagine it would happen just how it happened with us in this life. We’ll just be drawn to each other. You don’t look for the things or people you love because passion and love finds you. You stumbled upon it.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!