#FirstWorldProblems, we all have them. Since blogging is something I practically live and breathe every day of my life, I decided to list down my own blogger problems and the mundane, petty things I encounter when it comes to my passion. This post is not meant to be taken seriously. I'm well aware that these problems are not real problems, except maybe some. These are all just for fun :-)

  1. When you have your post editor open for 3 hours but you still haven't written anything
  2. Another 3 hours later, all you've written is the first sentence.
  3. It doesn't help that you're now watching Season 2 of Friends. Again.
  4. Receiving gifts from brands but not being able to use them until you take different kinds of flatlay photos to post online as a thank you
  5. Reading your emails and wondering what the random J's are, only to find out a year later they're actually smileys in Microsoft Outlook that don't register on your iPhone email app... and then finally everything makes sense.
  6. Getting a surge of productive energy to work on your backlogs but spending endless hours on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram instead
  7. Using "All the hours I spent on social media is technically research for what's currently out there, thus creating more ideas for blog content" as an excuse to justify procrastinating from getting actual work done
  8. Trying to explain what blogging is to your grandmother every time she sees you and asks what you're doing now for a living
  9. Trying to explain what blogging is to the older generation in general
  10. When Google Chrome crashes before you could save a draft of a long post -- always seems to happen for personal posts
  11. Your family/neighbors/doorman think you have a shopping problem with the amount of packages that arrive in a week.
  12. Looking for places to eat and basing your choices on whether the establishments have good lighting (because Instagram), and not really for the food.
  13. When people think your entire life can be judged through your blog, thus creating false impressions of who you are as a person
  14. Replying to work emails and debating whether placing a :) is too unprofessional or not, especially in your industry
  15. Hearing the sentence, "So what else do you plan to do in the future? You can't possibly be blogging forever?" Bitch, I might. It's none of your business what I do with my life. Bye, Felicia.
  16. Having to ask other people to take your photo for the blog but none of them get it "right"
  17. Going on a trip and coming home with 2,000 worth of photos to edit and blog about
  18. Clients who try to control what you say in sponsored blog posts
  19. Clients who demand strict deadlines but when it comes to paying for your services will sometimes take an entire year to finally pay up -- others don't bother to anymore
  20. Needing some sort of plant for your flatlays, but you can't even keep your cacti alive
  21. Never being satisfied with your blog logo so you change it every month
  22. Being called a fashion blogger because people think that's the only thing girl bloggers write about
  23. Forgetting to transfer files and heading out to an event with a full SD card
  24. Dealing with Philippine internet and connectivity issues, thus taking a full hour trying to publish a post when in reality it should take less than a minute.
  25. Writing a list of blogger problems because you don't know what else to post about -- but hey, it worked!

I know I have blogger readers here too, do any of these ring true to you? Tell me I'm not alone! :-P