Bench Blog x Young Star: Plain White Tees


The Upside to “Basic”: Basic practically means simple and that isn’t a bad thing. You know when they say less is more? Basic can also mean you’re versatile. I like to mix and match, which gives me more options.

My First Bench Item: “It was probably a basic V-neck tee. I still have it even if I splattered some gold paint on it, I still wear it ‘til now (laughs).

My Style Core: “I’d have to say versatile. I can go with the flow with anything. I have days where I feel like being edgy, so I’ll do edgy. Sometimes I feel like girly, so I’ll wear the curls and Sunday dresses.”

How We Dress Today: "Fashion often recycles. We've practically done everything we could from past eras, and now we're mashing everything up."

I, along with 9 other stylish youths, were interviewed, photographed and featured in today's Young Star section of the Philippine Star newspaper. If you can't go out and grab a copy, you may see the rest of the photos &  read the rest of the feature on the Bench Blog.

Thanks to the wonderful people from Bench & the Young Star team! I'm honored to be a part of this list! :)

PS. Definite proof for my children and grandchildren that I was damn cool. :-P