Family Mart Snack Run with the Beep™ Card

If there's one thing I really dislike handling in public, it's money; be it when I'm commuting, running errands or just popping by a convenience store to grab some midnight snacks. It's a little bit of a hassle to have to bring out my wallet, and sometimes it takes up more time than I want it to.

Recently the beep™ card, launched in 2015 as a unified tap & go card for the three main railways (LRT & MRT) in Metro Manila, has been made available to be reloaded and used to purchase goods in 80 FamilyMart branches. Just when I thought the beep™ card as a unified payment system for our railways and other public transport was enough, they make it even tons more convenient for us to reload and use it in our everyday lives.


The other night I got a little craving for some junk food, I dragged Gab along with me and he document our late night snack run. I grabbed my usual favorites: chips, some snapple, nerds, and the one thing I always visit FamilyMart for: Sushi. I also grabbed a magazine for Gab just because he was nice enough to drive me to the nearest FamilyMart.

Philippines Beep Card (1 of 11)
Philippines Beep Card (6 of 11)

We spent a good 40 minutes in FamilyMart, mostly it was me going around trying to decide what I really wanted and then deciding to just eat it there. Haha. When it came to paying for my food, all I had to do was bring it up to the cashier, they rung up the items and then I simply tapped my beep™ card to pay. It literally took seconds, as opposed to when I have to use cash. There's no more need to grab my wallet, count cash or even wait for change.


I can just imagine college kids and young professionals (which is you guys, my lovely readers) taking advantage of the beep™ card because it really is such a great convenience in terms of time saved and public safety. Imagine having no need to line up to buy train tickets anymore, or grabbing a quick coffee at FamilyMart before class or work and just tapping to pay. It's also a great way to budget your weekly/monthly expenses where you can set aside a budget for commutes and keep track of how much you're spending on traveling. I'm so happy that we're slowly advancing in terms of contactless payment solutions in the Philippines. :-)

beep™ cards can be purchased in any of the LRT and MRT stations and reloadable up to Php 10,000, and is valid for 4 years. Aside from FamilyMart branches, you can use beep™ cards in all three elevated railyways (LRT 1, LRT 2 and MRT 3), as well as select point-to-point bus lines (something I'm excited to try out as well!) and CAVITEX.

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