5 Reasons I Stopped Bleaching my Hair

It's high-maintenance.

Bleached hair is no joke. It takes serious constant TLC, and is definitely not for the faint hearted. When I  started bleaching, I always had to deal with damaged hair (and I still do!), I had to start a very tedious hair regimen that involved doing coconut oil hair masks 3-5 times a week with at home deep conditioning treatments in between. I also had to learn how to bleach my own hair (even getting Gab to help me bleach parts I couldn't see, ultimately risking him getting hurt while handling bleach because he has very sensitive skin) because getting it professionally done at a salon was too expensive, I spent hours and hours on Google doing research on bleaching do's/don’t's/tips, oh and have I mentioned how your roots grow damn fast which means you'll only get a head of pure blonde for about two weeks tops before your true hair color starts to show?

Personal style/aesthetic changes.

Growing older sometimes mean a change in your sense of style. Aside from feeling tired of the high-maintenance hair, I also felt like I had outgrown the striking colors. Yes, even the cute pastel ones. Pastel pink was definitely my favorite even though I hardly own anything pink and quite honestly, if I would go light again, it would be for pastel pink.

I've had some people who've known me for a few years say that the pastel hair actually makes me look more bubbly than I really am in real life. I'm actually not a very colorful person, my wardrobe consists of neutral tones with some autumn colors. Colored hair also made it quite hard to wear certain shades because they would contrast so much it made me feel weird! When I had pink/purple hair, my army green anoraks didn't blend well with the entire ensemble, when I had blue hair, I found wearing red plaid a little off too.

Hair damage in the extremes.

Need I say more? Even though I dyed my hair back to normal colors and have chopped off more than 50%  of my bleached hair, I'm still left with at least 4 inches of it. My ends are forever damaged with split ends and terrible fried hair. No other way to go about it than grow it out and keep cutting the ends off.

The attention was nice but a little tiring

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if bleaching hurt, if they could touch my hair, if it was damaged -- let's just say my entire hair bleaching phase wouldn't have been so expensive. At the start I enjoyed the attention because I who wouldn't want to be the cool girl with colored hair? I definitely loved being "different"… As time passed, talking about hair bleaching and crazy colors got tiring. Imagine having a conversation about it every time you step out of the house and into a social gathering. It's not like I could've just given one word answers, "Did it hurt?" "No." "Is your hair damaged?" "Yes." "What's your next hair color?" "I don’t know." because 1. I'm not rude and 2. I'm not rude. Although I've tried it on more than one occasion, my one word replies ended up having me interrogated some more by curious folks. I don't blame them, though! It just got tiring.

I miss my natural curls.

I miss washing my hair and just leaving it to dry on its own, or have sexy beach waves after swimming in the ocean. At this point, it takes me at least an hour and a half to fix my hair (blowdry + hair iron) or I have to tie my hair up after hitting the beach because having my hair dry on its own means looking like I've electrocuted myself. Damaged hair is too much work. I want to be able to just wash my hair and leave it alone to do its own thing and still look fucking fabulous.

I'm not saying I'm ever going to bleach my hair again, because knowing me and how I easily get bored with my hair, I'll probably be reaching for the bleach sometime in the future when I've grown tired of wearing my natural hair. I definitely wouldn't miss on another chance of having pastel colored hair again. Besides, one of my goals in life is to be that ultra cool grandma with the silvery pink hair... and by then, I wouldn't even have to bleach my hair anymore ;-)