5 Instagrammers to Follow for Inspiration



I've a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I'm torn between wanting to have a clean, curated feed but there are also days where I just want to post uncontrived photos of my life, no matter how boring or mundane... But, I also feel like I'll be able to do both without having to sacrifice aesthetic, you know?

I love good visuals and surrounding myself with inspiring photos that help shape my own taste/style. As a creative, I think it's important to have beautiful, eye-candy visuals to keep things fresh, interesting and to have your brain constantly churn for ideas. Sure, these Instagrammers sometimes turn me into a green eyed monster because my life isn't as aesthetically pleasing as theirs, but the jealousy is always easily turned into motivation for me, kind of like a challenge to outdo myself. I will probably never get on their level, but that's okay, I'm not trying to! Their feed is just there to help fuel my own creativity, and hopefully yours too!


(http://instagram.com/food52) I find one of the hardest things to photograph and make really look good are food. Sure, when it comes from a restaurant it looks really damn good because it's plated for you, and some restaurants will even have cool plates and set ups to compliment the food but who has all the time and money to keep eating out at photogenic restaurants? I certainly don't. Did I mention the lighting in Food52's photos are magnificent?! If I were to attempt doing food shots, it would always have to be taken during lunch time. I try not to follow a lot of food instagram accounts because I find it always makes me hungry, but Food52's photos are an exception.



So much pastel goodness *brb crying*


(http://instagram.com/dailyoverview) These photos give me all kinds of feelings. It's absolutely breathtaking! Although, I'm a little skeptical whether these are natural photos or photoshopped -- nonetheless they're beautiful and I don't doubt there are sceneries like this from around the world. It makes you appreciate the beauty of this earth and how we should strive to preserve it as much as we can.


(http://instagram.com/EmilyBlincoe) Flatlay perfection. I think my ultimate favorite of hers would be the mushrooms. Some days I wish my feed was just all flatlays, but I don't think I'd make it more than 3 days straight. My "I want real life photos" urge will kick in.


(https://instagram.com/artunepo) I don't know a lot of Instagrammers who curate their feed this way (I think I've only seen one other person but it wasn't that impressive) but Artu's feed offers a refreshing look on different sceneries. The upload succession of photos on your main feed is a little confusing at first with 3 separate photos looking like puzzle pieces, and out of curiosity you're forced to head over to his main Instagram profile just to see what the bigger picture is and let me tell you, it's always worth it the look.

Do you have favorite instagrammers that give you the feed envy or make you wanna say #feedgoals? I'm always looking to follow more people with inspiring content, so do let me know! <3