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Life lately has been all about...

  1. The usual work stuff
  2. Running around with errands and ticking stuff off my to-do list
  3. Designing and making new things; a Hopskotch x Camie Juan enamel pin collab is coming soon!
  4. Making and perfecting ring dishes/catch-all bowls for the shop
  5. Mixing work with pleasure in Marriott Khao Lak Thailand with Cetaphil
  6. Learning more about skincare
  7. Seeing family, spending time with family, being sad about leaving family behind
  8. Wondering if I should quit blogging, but realized I can't abandon this because I love this space too much.
  9. Wondering if NYC will reignite my passion for blogging (I hope so)
  10. Spending hours on NYC rental apps like StreetEasy, Trulia, Zillow
  11. Eating tons of Korean food (been obsessed with Bibim Nangmyeon the past few months and I'm constantly craving it!)
  12. Finally prioritizing reading novels (I've finished around 4-5 in the last 3 months)
  13. Stressing over US visa stuff, but jumped over one big hurdle today (passed my medical with flying colors)
  14. Feeling stuck in limbo while waiting to leave for NYC and start a new chapter in life
  15. Meeting my beloved readers/followers, and being extremely emotional when we have to part ways (seriously, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner)


So, BIG-MOVE-TO-NYC update:

I'm about two steps away from flying out of Manila and to NYC if everything goes without a hitch. I'm still praying everything else goes smoothly from here on out, and while I'm fairly hopeful everything will go without a hitch, please do send me positive thoughts and vibes. The entire journey on this K1 fiancé visa road has been delayed far too many times, although in retrospect we've had it easier than most who have had to go through this same situation and for that I'm forever grateful.

Also, Gab got accepted to theater school which is obviously such big deal to him, and me. NYC was our dream as individuals and then our dream together when we got together as a couple. While I'm excited that our dreams are finally coming into fruition, I have to admit, it's fucking terrifying. But it's here, and it's happening. I can only keep savoring each moment and make the most of it. Here's to being 20 somethings, taking the leap, achieving goals bit by bit, and still not knowing what the fuck we're doing... it's a beautiful journey nonetheless.


More updates soon. Love ya.

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