How I Stay Fresh During the Summer

My biggest issue with the summer months is dealing with the heat. I’ve never been a fan of it, I mean who is? As much as possible I try to stay indoors with the aircon on full blast, but obviously that can’t always be the case. We may not be able to control this crazy hot weather, but there are ways to combat that icky sticky feeling that inevitably comes with it.  I’ve gathered the 5 ways I stay fresh during the summer, and hopefully it helps you stay fresh too!

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1. Wearing light makeup and letting my skin breathe.

I’m a fan of full faced makeup, but for the past few months the summer heat just makes it unbearable to have all that makeup on my face due to lots of sweating. An hour outside, and already my face and makeup feel like they’re melting off my face. Try to wear less makeup on days you can, and when it’s not possible then proceed to tip number 2!

2. A facial spray

I use two kinds: thermal spring water facial spray, which helps keep me cool and refreshed especially during my no makeup days, and rose water for full faced makeup days. I like using the rose water because not only does it help set my makeup after I put it on, it also gives my makeup a much needed boost after a few hours. 


3. Belo Baby cologne

Fact: I love baby colognes. I’ve often gotten questions about what kind of perfume I use, and quite honestly the only ones I’ve liked using for everyday wear are baby colognes. Why? Because no matter what scent, it will always smell good to everyone. Have you ever heard anyone complain about how babies smell? Never.


Currently I like using the Belo Baby colognes because the scent doesn’t just fit babies, they’re fitting for people my age as well. The cool thing is that Belo Baby doesn't just work as an everyday cologne, you can also use it as a hand sanitizing agent! Talk about killing two birds with one stone — and at an affordable prize at that! I always keep one in my bag and one in the car and use this throughout the day. I like applying it on my pulse points (wrist & neck) every few hours, and it’s never overpowering either. 

4. Wet wipes

Summer heat = sweaty body parts. It’s one of my pet peeves when I sweat and can’t stay fresh or at least wipe away the sweat. Tissue is never enough, so I carry around wet wipes in my bag so I can wipe down sweaty body parts.


 5. Drinking lots of water

I bring my water jug with me wherever as much as possible because staying hydrated helps heaps in staying fresh during the summer. Drinking H2O will always be essential for your overall health, but it’s most important during the summer months to keep from heat strokes and replenishing lost bodily fluids from sweating.

To help you guys stay fresh during the summer, Belo Baby & I are giving away 6 packs of Belo Baby cologne for 6 of you guys! All you’ve got to do is leave a comment below with your…





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How do you stay fresh during the summer? I’m always looking for life hacks/tips/tricks, share them with me, I would love to hear them and discover more ways to stay fresh this summer :-)