5 Reasons Why I Love Squarespace

Every few years I find myself reaching a point in my blogging career where there needs to be some sort of change to make room for my growth. From changing blog names (do you guys remember my 'heysilly' days?), rebranding, changing platforms, etc. I've had my fair share of change.

It's no secret that the past year I've slowly fallen out of blogging or even dealing with my website. Quite honestly dealing with my blog got exhausting. I loved Wordpress but I needed certain things that Wordpress simply didn't have. Early in March, I opened up my blog page and just felt sick of it. Once again that feeling of needing change washed over me. I suddenly remembered my friends like Corinth and Kimi who run their blogs on Squarespace and decided to give Squarespace a try. Besides, with my brand growing with more content platforms and even projects, I needed a complete overhaul and rebranding.

After one day of toying around with Squarespace, I just fell in love. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Simplicity - Squarespace reminds me of Apple products and how user-friendly they are. It doesn't need a lot of effort to understand and work with. Squaresapce is all about common sense. It's so simple to use that it only took me a few days to go from beginner to intermediate/expert user. Don't even get me started on the templates provided by Squarespace -- they're minimalist, clean, easy on the eyes and incredibly professional looking. 

  2. Functionality - The drag & drop feature is probably my favorite feature on Squarespace and that's because I no longer have to deal with coding so much. That's what I disliked about Wordpress, it wasn't beginner friendly at all and to experiment or redesign your third-party templates you needed some sort of coding knowledge. I never studied coding and only knew quite a bit due to dealing with templates for all my blogs throughout my 15 years of bouncing around the internet. With Squarespace's functionality, I can skip worrying so much about how certain elements of my website will look and work, and just focus on creating more content! I also no longer need a plethora of plug-ins to get certain features I want, because Squarespace most likely has them already. You want to feature you Instagram or Twitter feed? They have a content block for that. You want to include related posts at the end of your blog? Yep, no need to code, there's a content block for that! And if you're migrating from another blog and worried about your posts, Squarespace has a killer migration feature that makes it so damn easy. I just had to click a few things before my posts from Wordpress (including the comments) were imported into my new website. 

  3. Blogging - It's pretty basic, to be honest, but it still includes the drag & drop features and I can edit my posts live -- meaning I don't have to go to my text editor, edit, and hit save just to see what the final post looks like. Another favorite feature is being able to move around photos into columns or having text wrapped around them with ease. Like I said, no need for coding. It's straightforward, and I like it. Squarespace also has a mobile app where you can blog on the go and it works great. I actually wrote half of this entry in the car on the way home using the mobile app. Wordpress has a mobile app as well but I never enjoyed attempting to write posts in it. It just didn't work as well.

  4. Customer Support - While I was fixing my website I ran towards a few hitches here and there, mostly just me trying to shortcut a few things and failing my butt off. I turned to Squarespace's live chat customer support one night. I had to wait in line, but there was only one other person in front of me before it was my turn. I waited a few minutes before "Will from Dublin" and I got to chat. I told him my issue and he tried to work it with me, but then I suddenly had to leave because I was late for my movie (I was going to watch Kong: Skull Island). I thanked Will for trying to help me out and said goodbye. I got home a few hours later to find an email from Will, expressing his intent on helping me solve my problem. He even went ahead and tried to replicate the issue and try to figure out what was really going on. I really appreciated this gesture because even though I didn't want to trouble him with a problem that seemed like it wasnt Squarespace's fault (really, I was just lazy and wanted my imported Wordpress posts to magically have cover photos or choose the first photo of the post to be the cover photo), he still went ahead and tried to find a solution for me. Thanks, Will of Dublin! If anyone from Squarespace is reading this, please know Will was one of the reasons I fell in love with Squarespace. The customer support was just awesome.

  5. Affordability - I've spent a total of $149/year USD for my Squarespace plan alone and it came with a free domain for a year, which will eventually cost $20 USD. I don't know about you but personally I find that affordable considering my website will be the main front of my business. It's extremely affordable for what Squarespace offers me in terms of all the reasons above. 

Bonus reasons:

  • Trial Period - I love that Squarespace gives you 14 days to play around and fix up your website. You don't have to commit right off the bat, you can just feel your way around first and when you feel like it's a perfect fit, you can pay for your website and then go live! I took advantage of this free trial period of 14 days -- not that I needed to. I already knew I would enjoy and go for Squarespace after day one. But it's still a great feature for those who are unsure and want to experiment. 
  • Built-in Analytics - The built-in analytics of Squarespace gives me a run down of how many people are visiting my site, my most popular posts or top referrers -- but if you want an in-depth analysis you can easily connect your Google Analytics account.


Two years ago I wrote an article about which blogging platform is best for you, and I interviewed my blogger friend Corinth on why she chose Squarespace. A lot has changed on Squarespace over the last two years, and now you absolutely know why I've finally made the switch.

Are you a blogger who uses Squarespace? What do you love about it?  Or have you ever thought of moving to Squarespace? If you've got any more questions about Squarespace, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below! I'd love to try and help you out! :-)


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