2015 in Travels

2015-year in travel-1800px
2015-year in travel-1800px

I knew 2015 would be a busy year for traveling, so I came up with an idea for a photo project that would end up meaning a lot to me the more I traveled as the year went by. I don't know how I came up with this actually. I just suddenly had a vision for a photo, where instead of having myself face the camera with the view behind me, I preferred to be facing the view with my back to the camera instead. As if to say I'm always looking and moving forward, ready for the next destination, the next chapter, the next life experience.

This photo project is special to me because my dream travels in 2015 were achieved out of my own hard work... And I'm fucking proud of that. I wasn't at first, because I listened to the negative people who spewed their bitterness at me, saying I didn't even really work for anything at all. But I did. For years I worked and now I've reaped what I've sown and it's a sweet, sweet feeling. Especially because I grew up in a large family, and I was someone who constantly compared herself to her spoiled rotten peers and wondered why I couldn't have everything easy like they did. I admit I grew up sometimes thinking I was so entitled, that I deserved the best, and although I was always grateful and knew I had enough and appreciated my parents for providing me with all my needs (and sometimes wants), I couldn't help but compare because I had days where I thought it wasn't enough. Why could he/she have all this in a snap but I couldn't? Why couldn't my family be stinking rich so I can travel the world without having to work hard for it? Oh, how ignorant and immature. But I grew up, learned that life doesn't give you handouts, and if you want something then you go out there and get it done yourself. Then I had tastes of sweet tiny successes, followed by that irreplaceable triumphant feeling of working hard for something you want and reaping the benefits, and that's when I knew I could have anything I wanted without having to rely on anyone else. And it was such a good feeling. When you work for the things you want, there's more value in the experiences.

(And yes, before the haters come attack me, I'm well-aware of my circumstances. I'm 25, barely independent while I live in the 2nd floor of my grandpa's apartment where I don't have to pay for utilities, only to feed myself, but I'm only halfway into my journey of being an adult but at least I'm halfway rather than stuck or barely just beginning. And yes, I can afford to throw my money into my personal travels because I'm lucky enough that I don't have any other responsibilities but hey, that's just the card I was dealt with. Is that unfair? Not really. The same way it's not unfair that there are people out there my age who live entirely on their parents money so they don't have to deal with bills or groceries, but that's their situation to deal with, that's the card they're dealt with.) (Look at me being all defensive, but I know the haters still lurk, they were rampant before I left for Europe saying it would never happen. They've been quiet since, I guess kicking themselves in the ass for being wrong this entire time? Wherever you guys are, I hope you've found happiness. It's 2016. It's time you guys did something for yourselves other than troll around my social media accounts :-) )

And so this photo collage project was born. I only had a mental vision of what the final collage would look like, but when I finally put it all together today, I was surprised by how cool they actually looked together! I think I'll continue doing this for all my travels. Unfortunately, my collage is incomplete since I'm missing photos from Bruges, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Jungfraujoch, Wengen & Grindelwald. Clearly I lack discipline, I honestly forget to take photos for this project 80% of the time. Haha Also, credit to all the people who helped me take these photos! <3

As for for 2016, I don't really have any huge travel plans yet. Last year my friends and I were deciding on Japan in October, to visit a friend who moved there. And if our funds allow it, Gab and I plan to visit NYC around the holidays. I'm also thinking I would travel a bit locally this year, while I can, because Gab and I have huge plans for 2017 that involve going to the US of A! :-)

Where do you think I should travel to this 2016? Any suggestions would be cool! The more specific, the better <3