10 Inspiring Travel Quotes: Vol. II

travel-quotes-for-your-wanderlust 02
travel-quotes-for-your-wanderlust 02

(photo above by Gian Joaquin | Twitter / Instagram)

Volume two of my 10 Inspiring Travel Quotes for Your Wanderlust series is here! I started this series last month because I needed an outlet for my wanderlust. I currently chose not to take small trips locally, so I can save up for a big trip towards the end of this year. I'd say I'm doing a good job with saving and going after my goals, but once in a while, I need that extra push. So I started gathering quotes and placing them on travel images submitted by my lovely blog readers, and I know I'm not alone in this wanderlust bug so I'm sharing them with you :)

If you're anything like me, ie. scared, worried and making excuses...  Well, here's my message to you (I quote myself in my last blog entry on inspiring travel quotes):

"I used to be one of those people who would hide behind my excuses of not having enough money or time to do any of it thinking, “I can’t spend whatever I earn now to go places, I still have bills to pay, a future to save up for.”until I got slapped in the face a few months ago with reality. Here’s reality: the future is coming fast enough, money can be earned back, you are only young once — GO NOW, WHILE YOU CAN."

And if these 10 inspiring travel quotes don't make you want to start TODAY, then I don't know what will! Enjoy :-)

20 - Gab de Leon

 (photo by Gab de Leon)

19 - Camie Juan

 (photo by Camie Juan)

18 - Pat Mansibang

(Photo by Pat Mansibang)

17 - Stella Modina

(Photo by Stella Modina)

16 - Katherine Nerva

(photo by Katharine Nerva)

15 - Princess

(Photo by Princess -- who did not give any links. Thanks, Princess!)

14 - Alissa Maghopoy

(Photo by Alissa Maghopoy)

13 - Mary Silvestre

(Photo by Mary Silvestre)

12 - Rae Hewlett

(Photo by Rae Hewlett)

11 - Nikita Ares

(Photo by Nikita Ares)

I hope you guys loved this batch of inspiring quotes!

Huge thank you to those who submitted photos so I could use them. If you missed volume 1, you can still check them out here. (Please feel free to save, share, pin, whatever you want to do with them! Just don't forget to credit back to the people who gave photos and of course, me who edited them. haha)

Should you be interested in sending in your travel photos (I'm looking for more photos from around the world like maybe African countries or European, as I have enough Philippine photos to last me a lifetime) you may send them to contribute[at]wild-spirit.net following the format: Name, social media/blog links, location of attached photo :-)