10 Inspiring Travel Quotes For Your Wanderlust: Vol. I

In the age of social media it's safe to say we've all, at one point or another, been bitten by the bittersweet pang of wanderlust. For some it's fleeting, for other's it's a constant ache and I would have to belong to the latter. The question is, what are you doing about it?

I used to be one of those people who would hide behind my excuses of not having enough money or time to do any of it thinking, "I can't spend whatever I earn now to go places, I still have bills to pay, a future to save up for." until I got slapped in the face a few months ago with reality. Here's reality: the future is coming fast enough, money can be earned back, you are only young once -- GO NOW, WHILE YOU CAN.

I may not be traveling every single month (I'm still dealing with reality: bills, bills, bills!), but I'm saving up for my dream trip back to Europe and all my would-be travel funds for anywhere else is currently going to that. I travel to closer areas when I have the time and the chance, and it doesn't matter if I've been there before: Tagaytay, Subic, Batangas, etc etc. Heck, you can travel to a nearby neighborhood you haven't been to before and that is traveling; because to move is to travel and to travel is to discover and explore.

I've gathered a good number of inspiring travel quotes and paired them up with travel photos from blog readers/social media followers who wanted to contribute to this new travel series. I own none of these photos, and will credit below each to their owners so you can check out their blog/instagram/twitter accounts and follow them should you fancy! (yay, let's make friends!)

10 - Aileen Adalid

Photo by Aileen Adalid

09 - Camie Juan

 Photo by Camie Juan

01 - Jeline Catt

Photo by Jeline Catt

08 - Lizette Tan

 Photo by Lizette Tan

07 - Hani Lutfi

Photo by Hani Lutfi

06 - Chester Vizconde

 Photo by Chester Vizconde

05 - Rae Hewlett

 Photo by Rae Hewlett

04 - Julia Pallones
03 - Iya Lopez iyalo

 Photo by Iya Lopez

02 - Ina Maica Rodriguez

 Photo by Ina Maica Rodriguez

I had so much fun making these, and I hope you enjoyed them as well. There will be two more batches for this series, unless I receive more submission -- but for now submissions for photos are closed, as I feel I have way too much! I'm so thankful for the Twitter followers who responded and sent me their travel photos for this blog post. I had about 50 emails in less than 3 hours,can you imagine?! I had to go through so many photos and there were so many good ones, I promise to try and use at least one per person :-)

Anyway, feel free to share any of the photos above, just credit back to the owners! :-)

Happy hump day Wednesday!