Star Cruises Asia Experience

I've heard about family & friends going on cruises and having the best time, so it always tickled my curiosity of what it's actually like to sleep on a ship, with the waves rocking you back and forth, taking advantage of on-board activities or just doing absolutely nothing (my kind of relaxation), and then docking in a new city to explore for a day.

5 Reasons Why I Love Squarespace

Every few years I find myself reaching a point in my blogging career where there needs to be some sort of change to make room for my growth. From changing blog names (do you guys remember my 'heysilly' days?), rebranding, changing platforms, etc. I've had my fair share of change.

Things I Need for my Typical Work Day

Yes, as a freelancer, most days I work from home. In bed. In my pajamas. Under the covers. With my laptop open. Sometimes with a plate of food nearby. My bed becomes my sleep/eat/work station. It's definitely not healthy, but that's the reality of freelance life. On the other hand, I work outside at least 2-3 times a week and so I've got my typical must-haves when I venture out into the world to actually live.

Mixtape Mondays: February Favorites

I know it's not technically Monday but I couldn't wait anymore. It's high time for a new playlist for you guys. I know you love discovering new music as much as I do. For a few weeks now I've been doing Instagram Live while playing some background music and have gotten requests for a new playlist...