Our NYC Bucketlist

New York City is such a vibrant, diverse and cultural city -- there's a reason why it's one of the most popular cities around the world. No doubt there's so much to see, do, eat, and experience -- a bucketlist was perfect in narrowing down what we want to achieve when we move to the Big Apple!

How to Plan Your Eurotrip

When it comes to traveling, my heart is always drawn back to my favorite continent: Europe.In the past 5 years, I've visited three times, and so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about getting started with planning a Eurotrip; but even so I still find myself getting overwhelmed by it all. I know a lot of you have had dreams and plans of visiting Europe one day but have no idea where to start, and so I decided to create a guide with all the basics to help kickstart your planning.

How I Stay Fresh During the Summer

My biggest issue with the summer months is dealing with the heat. I’ve never been a fan of it, I mean who is? As much as possible I try to stay indoors with the aircon on full blast, but obviously that can’t always be the case. We may not be able to control this crazy hot weather, but there are ways to combat that icky sticky feeling that inevitably comes with it. 

Star Cruises Asia Experience

I've heard about family & friends going on cruises and having the best time, so it always tickled my curiosity of what it's actually like to sleep on a ship, with the waves rocking you back and forth, taking advantage of on-board activities or just doing absolutely nothing (my kind of relaxation), and then docking in a new city to explore for a day.

5 Reasons Why I Love Squarespace

Every few years I find myself reaching a point in my blogging career where there needs to be some sort of change to make room for my growth. From changing blog names (do you guys remember my 'heysilly' days?), rebranding, changing platforms, etc. I've had my fair share of change.