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The Girl Behind the Blog

Camie is a 20-something lifestyle & travel b/vlogger, a freelance creative and a self-proclaimed Francophile from Manila, Philippines. She’s been blogging since she was 12 years old, more than half her life; a passion of hers that has turned from a hobby into her bread & butter. 

Wild Spirit is a lifestyle and travel blog established in 2011, covering various topics from Camie’s personal life experiences and adventures - from growing up, to heartbreak and finding love again, to Eurotrips with her boyfriend, traveling to France to live with a French family, and fulfilling her travel dreams. Wild Spirit is graced by young  millennials who are passionate about life and travel, looking to Camie for inspiration to pursue their own goals & dreams.

With an active engagement from loyal followers on her blog and social media channels, Wild Spirit has grown into a blog with a strong blogger-reader relationship. Many, from followers to print and online publications, have commended Wild Spirit for being a blog of relatability, credibility &  authenticity. 


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